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I received my rating post C & P reevaluation today. They lowered my chronic knee strain from 10% to 0% for both of my knees but increased my anxiety and depression rating from 30 to 70%. My overall rating went from 80% to 90%. I have a couple questions though. Under the evaluation of my knees they said:

What exactly does that mean, if my knees get worse can I have them reevaluated?
Did your knees actually get better? You can challenge the downgrade now (and should if they have not gotten better). But, if they did improve and later get worse, you can request an increase.

Also under my anxiety/depression rating it says that because there is a likelihood of improvement the assigned evaluation is not considered permanent and is subject to future review examination. My initial rating said the same thing but it gave a timeframe of two years, this one didn't. While I was waiting to see my ratings in the mail after it said notification had been sent I pulled up the verification of benefits form and it says I have two disabilities that require re-eval in September 2019. How do I find out what those two evaluations will be and is that date of 5 years correct or can they call me back in next year or the year after, etc.?
Sounds like it is the mental health condition and maybe something else. If it doesn't state it explicitly, you could do an IRIS inquiry (though, not sure why it matters much). CAN they call you in earlier? Yes. Will they? Probably not.
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