VASRD Linked Index (Schedule of Ratings—Hemic and Lymphatic Systems)

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Schedule of Ratings—Hemic and Lymphatic Systems

7700 Anemia, hypochromic-microcytic and megaloblastic, such as iron-deficiency and pernicious anemia
7702 Agranulocytosis, acute
7703 Leukemia
7704 Polycythemia vera
7705 Thrombocytopenia, primary, idiopathic or immune
7706 Splenectomy
7707 Spleen, injury of, healed
7709 Hodgkin’s disease
7710 Adenitis, tuberculous, active or inactive
7714 Sickle cell anemia
7715 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
7716 Aplastic anemia
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