Veteran / Cancer / TDRL

Hello, I am trying to find help regarding our situation with TDRL, PTSD, other medical conditions as well as dealing with the VA , Tricare, and a medical issue that was found before they medically TDRL my husband, for PTSD. Before he was pushed out, they found a tumor, and still continued his MED board. No we are fighting with the VA for responsive care because the biopsy has confirmed cancer. The VA won't rate him for it, and we are worried because they took his retirment benefits away that we wont make it financially while he is undergoing treatment.

Any suggestions?
Thank you very much.

A wife who won't stop fighting for her Veteran.


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I'd like to help you with this...

When I read your post, it does not quite make sense, perhaps because you are posting for your husband?

Can you please clarify a couple of things that you mentioned.

The first is "they took his retirement benefits away". Please explain this in detail.

The second is "before he was pushed out, they found a tumor, and still continued his med board" please explain what you mean by "pushed out" you mentioned TDRL so I am assuming that he was boarded for PTSD, was he reevaluated, rated and medically retired or severed?

The third is, how long has it been since his med board completed? I'm finding it hard that he cannot get treated by the VA for the cancer. How long did your husband serve? I think you can get service connection for the cancer if you are able to connect the dots in the story.
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