Wait for VA Ratings


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How did you know you were found unfit? (202) 685-6422 should get you through. It could take a month to two months for the VA to do their part with the ratings. Then they have to send them back to the PEB and they do their QA phase. Calling the PEB could at least tell you if it's still with the VA, or if they received it back yet.
I found out I was unfit because I decided to call my meblo mid-January to see what was going on and he was like "oh they found you unfit"
Thank you for the number it helped a lot I signed for my findings on MARCH 6th!


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You gotta wait until your PSD gets the TDRL/PDRL message from PERS...that message normally takes like a week to get...but it’s not the orders it’s just a message saying they can cut your seperation package...once you complete the separation package then your PSD will cut your orders
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