Wanting to push for MEB start


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Over 6 years TIS, army and I ets in 6 mos.

Been on a permanent profile for my knee for years, temp profile for my hand for almost a year now (around 40 days short of a year), diagnosed with adjustment disorder with depression and bpd and going through counseling and treatment for 5 mos now continuously, however I had been seeing a counselor for treatment off and on for years and was taking medication for a while as well before these last 5 mos began.

Im aviation and am not able to perform my duties according to regulations concerning mental health and medication and because of my hand injury making it so I cannot lift nor do maintenance. I'm non- deployable due to suicide attempt and hospitalization.i was just diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and will be receiving a CPAP machine soon. I just went to the doc to ask about potentially starting the process. He wanted to go through treatment first. I've been through physical therapy before for my knee issues and occupational therapy for my hand but neither have shown signs of improvement but he wants me to do these again. The knee pain has gotten worse and my hand is getting worse as well even with the brace from my OT. I am having surgery done to fix my cubital tunnel syndrome in the next month as well.

This is becoming frustrating and I have no idea how to go about trying to push more for a MEB to start if these aren't enough. I am having my ncos and plt sgt write up counseling statements to show that I am not making anything up regarding not being able to perform my aviation duties and I've been told that I should've at least had the hand problem pushed to a permanent profile. Any suggestions on what steps I should be taking if any?


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They won't move forward with an MEB if you are being treated for a potentially unfitting condition and they haven't exhausted treatment options or consider your condition stable. Be patient and use this time to get yourself as healthy as possible. Rushing through this part of the process will only hurt you in the long run.


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There are a lot of irons in your fire, but as @mrrando69 said, until you have a Prognosis of Poor (that is it is more likely than not that you will not recover) nobody is going to initiate a MEB.

One word of caution, adjustment disorder is not an unfitting condition. CHRONIC adjustment disorder (9440). When you have been seeing mental health for more than six months, it is very important that you know your diagnosis and that it is similar to mine of

F43.23 Adjustment Disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood (w/conduct features), Chronic

Even though the DOD got their hand smacked for using Adjustment Disorder to discharge people, occasionally it still does happen.

Sleep Apnea mild will not generate a MEB as its not a unfitting condition, but it will be compensated for during your VA C&P exams.

If you are slated for a surgery then your MEB would not initiate until after the standard recovery time for that surgery. They can't say you won't ever be able to recover if you are scheduled for surgery, but if you can't recover even with surgery then why would they be doing surgery?


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What would the standard recovery time for cubital tunnel syndrome be? If it would interfere with a potential meb, should I decline it? I was being given the recommendation of pushing for a MEB at this point because of what I'm going through by my CoC
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