Weird VA Rep Statement. Anyone Else Hear Anything?


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I don't recall ever hearing this before, so maybe someone can enlighten me.

If someone has over 20 years in, and retires, then goes through the VA system to get disability -- if they get rated between 10-40%, they don't get a chance to wave that portion of their taxable DOD pay for non-taxable VA pay.

That instead, the VA just rates them, and they get back what they would have gotten from the VA as a form of tax-free return at the end of the year.

This doesn't sound like anything I ever remember hearing, but it's coming from VA employees.

Does this sound right?

Jason Perry

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If I had to guess (which I hate to do regarding what other people say), it sounds like this person was referring to the fact that for CRDP, you need to be rated at least 50% to qualify. That would not impact waiver of VA or DoD pay (which is required under the default rules, unless you qualify for CRDP or CRSC).
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