What are chances of VA upgrade based on PDBR findings?


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Hello All,

I was med discharged from the navy in 2008 at 10% and severance. I knew this was bogus at the time, but I had little recourse. The PDBR got me upgraded to 30%.

Back in 2008, the VA also rated me at 10%. I think they were basing that on what the Navy had decided.

So now I have 30% from the military and 10% from VA. I understand this to be a paradoxical situation as most have a higher VA rating than from military.

What are the chances the VA will honor the PDBR rationale and upgrade my rating? (if i apply of course)

Is this even worth pursuing?



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Congrats. There is no downside to submitting some more documentation and requesting an increase if you think you should be at 30%. Remember though the Navy is saying they SHOULD have rated you 30% at the time of discharge. It is possible for your VA rating to go down or up based on where you NOW. Hope this helps!


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Typically you would have had a RFE by now but because your rating is 10% no RFE is ordered so it stays that way until you file for an increase, from there they will send you to an exam to determine what your current rating should be. I would recommend reviewing the DBQ for your condition to make sure you meet the requirements for the higher rating.
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