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So I am currently on a MEB through the Air Force. I was diagnosed with epilepsy back around March/April and was notified last Thursday I'll be going through a full MEB. I saw my MSC for the first time the 10th and have all my claims listed (Hearing loss, epilepsy (Grand Mal and Petit Mal seizures) , ankle motion, ulnar nerve entrapment, and an adjustment disorder). I will have all of my exams done by the 17th (yea they're doing them quick). I have a major seizure about once every three weeks now that I'm on medication (was once every week and a half) and absence seizures about 3-4 times a day. I was wondering if what you thought Id receive disability wise. I'm nervous I wont get about 30% DoD and was wondering if I'm overthinking it or if I won't get that much.
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