What happens now


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I suffered a lower back injury in early 2016. Since then I have been on and off profiles and recently a very strict profile (only working 4 hours a day, no push ups, no sit ups, no run, etc.) To begin with I was sent to PT numerous times and was prescribed different medications. PT made it worse and the meds didn’t really do anything to help. Fast forward to Feb of 17. I finally had an MRI and then soon after was referred to a pain management doctor for injections. We did one round of injections and it did not help at all...actually made it worse for about 48 hours. Doctor said since the injections didn’t work there was so use in continuing to do so. After other doctor visitsmy PCM ended up referring me to a neurosurgeon. I had an appointment with him and I follow up with my PCM on the 8th. I don’t know what to expect next. I have already stated I do not want surgery at this time and the neurosurgeon said he would not recommend surgery because of my age. The talk of a MEB has been brought up but I’m not sure if that’s what will happen next.


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Given the length and severity of your profile I suspect you will eventually end up in the MEB/PEB process. The doctors initiate the process.
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