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My husband (17 years AD - stationed in Korea currently) got called in today to see his PEBLO got told he's being placed on TDRL, VA rating of 90%, AF rating of 80%. He was told to take it and run, signed the papers and now we're kind of wondering where it goes from here and what this means - timeline, pay, etc...The Temporary Retirement thing really threw us and we haven't done a lot of research in that regards...

Thanks for any help in advance.


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He will be place on TDRL because his unfitting condition is not stable and that rating may change over time.

He should be completely finished with the AF in about 90 days time.

As far as pay does there are quite a few possible variables. 80% DoD pays 75% of his retired pay base, which is the average of the top three years of basic pay. VA C&P at 90% is about $1900-$2000 per month based upon how many dependents.

You are not allowed to collect both medical retirement and VA C&P at the same time due to federal law, however there is a rule named Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) which may allow him to collect part or all of his DoD medical retirement at the same time as his VA C&P.

Typically when you go through a MEB you are briefed several times about the rules of pay, you may want to sit down with him and go over the talking points I listed above to see if he understands this.
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