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I was diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia in 2017. Started beta blockers and the meds royally messed me up. Due to do the side effects, I was late to work a total of 3 times. I called my super each time and we'll in advance. I was also never more than 15 minutes. My SSgt said it was no big deal and he understood the meds were brutal. There is one particular MSgt who hates my guts (still not sure what I did) and he wrote me an LOR for those three dates then falsely made up two extra dates (which I had proof was false) yet I was still given the LOR and a UIF to top it off. I failed my recent PT test due to a fall at work (fluid) and my heart ( i was on a profile for 7 months ans they randomly tool me.off of it and have me less than 3 weeks to re-train). They are now pushing to discharge me with a general under honorable (supposedly). My heart has not gotten better. I keep passing out randomly and my chest pains have not subsided. The doctor who diagnosed me in 2017 ran very few tests but keep in mind is also a Reserve Major. He left suddenly earlier this year so I got a different cardiologist. He said he wanted all kinds of tests done and was shocked my previous cardiologist didn't order them sooner. Turns out that on top of the IST, I have neurocardigenic syncope which is causing my blackout spells. I have blacked out several times at work over the past 2 years. My PCM on base laughed when I mentioned MEB. So that's out. But the entire reason that my file has gotten tarnished (all within one year, I've been in for 3) is medical reasons. I don't want to leave in the first place, but now I know I'm no use to them. And now they threaten to take my 9/11. My education means so much to me. I'm in school now and have a 4.0 GPA. Cardiologist says a pacemaker is highly possible and I may not be able to drive anymore. Can I fight this discharge?


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I suggest you:

1) Follow up with the new cardiologist. He sounds like he is interested in you. Ask him to write a latter or phone your commander so command understands what is going on.

1 b) You might want to ask for an electrophysiology workup. Not sure where you are stationed but the USA can do this at SAMMC. It essentially maps the electrical impulse flow in your heart. This may help with an accurate diagnosis and definitely called for is you need a pacer or defibrillator.

2) Be the best member you can be. You don't control anyone or anything except yourself. No one person drives the system. It is a big machine with checks and balances. Just don't give them a chance to take a wrong turn.

3) Many cardiac meds must be added slowly, others can't be tolerated by some patients for various reason.

4) Lastly and most importantly, keep the number 1 thing number 1. Sometimes people lose sight that without their health all the other things are hard to do (like getting a great education). So work to get healthy. Your 4.0 GPA indicates you have the talent, but you need your health!

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Thank you for the response Mike. Im calling my new cardiologist today to figure out where we go from here. I was supposed to see an electrocphysiologist several months ago but the base clinic "lost" the referral. I've tried to retrieve it but no such luck. Im trying my best, I feel utterly helpless at this point. I feel like no matter what I say or do, I'm targeted. But I'll do my best. I actually stopped taking my meds at one point because I was afraid I would have side effects that would effect my job therefore get me another LOR. But my heart started going wonky again so I had to take them again.
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