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I'm Army Reserve, 52 y/o, presently deployed, over 15 years active duty and have my 20 year letter, rated at 40% VA (rated from 6 years ago previous active duty tour, suspended while on active duty). My conditions have worsened during deployment and I don't expect I'll be considered qualified to stay in. I had to fight to get to come on this deployment. My knees are toast (presently rated at 10% for one knee 4years ago) and now I think I have a torn rotator cuff and my back is hurting all of the time. I'm also rated with for anxiety /depression at 30%, which has also not been good during the deployment. I'm not sure what to expect upon my return to demob. I've been told over and over to not REFRAD until I've been boarded, but I don't want to get messed over by a board. I do think if I return to my TPU, I'll get 3's in my PUHLES at my next PHA (which will be soon upon my return). My unit would likely MED Board me then. Can anyone tell me if having over 15 years active duty and my 20 year letter gives me any extra rights after my PEB?
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