When can I speak to a PEBLO?


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I'm in the Coast Guard and just received an email that the MEB was received by PSC. Sector Medical called me and needed some release forms signed and told me the MEB was found administratively sufficient and the PDES process will be initiated within 30 days. I sent an email to the disability ombudsman to ask if I will be given updates or when I can speak to a PEBLO and she told me there won't be any updates until the medical board is "adjudicated" and that is also when I am entitled to speak to a PEBLO. She also told me that PSC is averaging less than 6 months to "adjudicate" medical boards. So basically what I gather now is that the board will contact me when they have an offer and that's when I can obtain counsel?? I've called and spoken to a few civilian attorneys but they were all less then helpful and wouldn't answer any questions without payment. I'm not even sure if I NEED and attorney yet. Any and all insight in timelines, steps to take, or if anyone knows when I am entitled to a PEBLO I would be eternally grateful for the help.


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It was hell for me to find out who my PEBLO was at first. I didn't get a meeting with mine until I was set up with an appointment for my initial NARSUM interview.

You Coasties are a rare breed here, so you can ask @Jason Perry if he knows the specifics of how the USCG does its medboards.
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