When is a MEB appeal a bad thing?


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I am in the MEB phase for 4 different failing conditions. The MEB doctor and NARSUM writers attributed my migraines on alcohol consumption. I don't drink, and there isn't any medical evidence that I've consumed alcohol for years. However there is a lot of evidence to show that I've been suffering for migraines for years.

My neurologist says that they are failing, but the approval authority disagreed and IMR doctor wrote that it was outside the scope of the IMR to add new conditions. The assigned counsel suggested that we don't add more of the local MEB's non-sense to my packet and just appeal it at the PEB level. Is it ever advantageous to do that? Am I screwing myself here? What am I missing? Ultimately I have enough to be medically retired, but I'm nervous about this.

IMR RECOMMENDATIONS: For his Migraine headaches, Soldier will have to submit an appeal as it is beyond the scope of this IMR, having been judged by an Approval Authority already. According to Annex O: "Any disagreements or objections with the content of the NARSUM or the retention finds of the MEB should be addressed during the MEB rebuttal.""


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Appeal the narsum ask for an IMR, independent medical review. I would never advise anyone to skip an appeal level and hope the next level gets it right.


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I guess I should clarify. I had the IMR, the doctor said I had to appeal it and referenced Annex O. What if the MEB appeal comes back against you, does that hurt you in the PEB phase?

How can you possibly show that you have not drank in years? There isn't a single piece of evidence to show my migraines are caused by alcohol.
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