When to Apply for CSRC


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I received my RECON for my FPEB yesterday and I will be 50%/100%VA all combat related AC code, I signed it and am now waiting for official word on my retirement orders to come through so I can start checking out. I chose to get out of the NAVY on SEPT 30. I had to choose a date no less than 30 days out from yesterday and no more than 60 days. So with that said I have already started to gather all the documents I need short of my DD 214. So does this mean as soon as I retire on that day I submit my application for CSRC and not a day earlier. I just want to make sure I get it going as soon as possible thanks!

Jason Perry

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You need to be in receipt of both military pay and VA pay with a waiver of military pay in order to qualify for CRSC. Once both conditions have been met (along with having a combat-related disability) then you should apply. It is paid retroactive to date of entitlement, so no worry about missing out on money by applying later (of course, you want to apply as soon as possible so you get paid sooner).
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