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When will eBenefits populate rating?


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So I'm nearing the end of my MEB and have completed the VA/QTC exams portion.
My PEBLO has sent my package to the IPEB (message received via myPers), although PEBLO indicates it may take 3-5 weeks for an official decision. inidicates the compensation claim is closed/claim decision is ready and a letter has been mailed and that my rating is available on eBenefits; however, when i check eBenefits it displays N/A and all ratings pending?
Will eBenefits populate after the 7-10 days waiting on the letter or should it already be populated?
I've called VA to ask, but they won't help/offer any information since the 10 days hasn't elapsed.


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There should be 2 claims on your One of them is solely for the IDES process and is just a proposed rating. The disabilities wont populate %s on e-benefits until the 2nd one is closed out as much as I am aware.


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I never saw percentages in either of the two claims on E-Benefits.