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So my NARSUM was sent to AFPC last week and I'm waiting to hear back now if it'll be an RTD or full MEB. My CC recommended an MEB in the statement and said that while I was a hard worker I had missed over 100 days of work due to being sick (fibromyalgia, bad IBS, anxiety) and had been off and on quarters several days each month. I've gotten letters of recommendation/impact statements from friends and I'm continuing to seek another opinion from another GI doc but is there anything else I can do in the mean time? Should I write my own impact statement as well? I'm hoping for at least 30% so I can get retirement. I will never be able to work full-time again once I get out but I also don't know if I have the energy to appeal should they rate me lower than 30.
I guess I'm just stressed. I'm suffering. I've been suffering for over 2 years. My work place is suffering. I've tried everything including surgeries to try and fix the pain and IBS issues but, if anything, they made it worse. I barely feel like a person anymore. I know I can't serve anymore but I'd planned on doing a full 20 and I'm emotionally devastated that nothing has worked to make this bearable.
Can I do anything in the meantime to help myself get that 30% or higher? I know it's up to AFPC and I'm sure I have a long battle in front of me, but I also know that if any one of them were in my skin, they'd know that medical retirement is completely reasonable. Is there anything I can do while I wait to help support that?
Also, any tips for getting through this process without going crazy is appreciated.
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