Who pays the property taxes for these "free homes" that builders continue to rant about giving to disabled veterans?


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I am looking into a local charity that I have just downloaded their 990 and most of their money is going to expenses! A "wounded warrior" wanna be! Anyway one of the local businesses stated that their property taxes are paid for by donors (which meant the charity was taking credit) but in NC if the vet is 100% 45% of the accessed value is already covered. Anyone out there who has been a recipient of one of these free homes have input? Oh...this one is no longer given free homes to veterans with invisible disabilities....MUST BE PHYSICAL DISABILITIES. Also curious to the legality of them requiring the veterans to "live in" and "represent the charity" for 6-10 years. This sounds too much liker what used to be call "indentured servitude".... It is time to put some constraints on these charities!

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