Will surgery get in the way of MEB?


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So I am getting a diagnostic laparoscopy for endometriosis on Friday. In April I will have my PTSD profile for 1 year. I know they are supposed to make it permanent after that, but does having surgery delay them changing it or will they refer me IDES while in recovery? The GYN told me that the surgery will make me non-deployable for 6 months, but I’ve been non deployable for the past 8 months anyway due to PTSD.


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If you're already in the IDES this will set you back, as you're not supposed to have any "ellective" surgeries during the MEB/PEB process.
Otherwise, I don't see why it'd be an issue. But I'm also not the most experienced person on here. I just know when you're IN the IDES they say no to it.


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I was supposed to have two different surgeries during the Meb process but I had to get a letter from the surgeon and give it to the Peblo so she could have it approved for me to have surgery. If you don’t get the authorization from your “case manager” if can stop your Meb.


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Ok so I should be fine then. I’m not in ides yet, but they’ve been hinting at it. The surgery wasn’t that bad I got diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis.
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