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Wrong diagnosis for MEB


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Hello, i have a question. I am in the the Navy and i recently got put into medical board. However, i went through PTSD treatment and was diagnose for PTSD unspecified, just last year. But then, my psychologist put me in for a diagnosis on my summary statement under "Other reaction to severe stress, F43.8", which is not the things we talked about and undergo to treatment for. I think this is a blanket statement that falls under adjustment disorder which is not true. My questions is when all this are done, what would or do i get under this diagnosis. What will my fight if i want to challenge this diagnosis because it was not what i was treated for? Thank you for you help everyone.


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This happens all to frequently.

First, get and keep a copy of your MH treatment records. On each encounter note take not of the diagnoses.
Second ask for a second opinion.
Third, if you go through and MEB the C&P examiner will make an independent diagnosis.
Fourth, take advantage of free legal counsel provided by the USN for members undergoing an MEB.