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Hi Tony, I'm a new member here. I am looking for someone to ask some questions about being med boarded out of Active USNR for line of duty injuries. Who would be the best person to ask in a private message? The reason I prefer to ask privately is because it includes suicide attempt, hospitalizations etc. While I was totally off the Complex PTSD reservation I was med boarded out. I was never paid for my total disability or even properly discharged with Comp etc.

Thank you for your time,
Hello Pebforum, as I’m new to the site....

I’ve recently received my results from the MEB (19 Oct 2021) for 3 unfitting conditions:

1. Crohn’s Disease
2. PTSD, Chronic
3. Major Depression Disorder, Severe Reoccurring

Also, the MEB recommended that I was deemed unfit for duty, separation/retirement & referred my case to the IPEB.

The only disagreements I have with my MEB results are (1) the NARSUM that was dated back in May 2021 and (2) migraines not being listed as an unfitted condition, which resulted in me writing a Letter of Rebuttal (LOR) to include pertinent details on both, Crohn’s Disease and Migraines (severity, frequency, symptoms, medications, treatment plan moving forward, speciality referral doctors and etc). I also submitted updated medical records to my PEBLO along with my Rebuttal Letter (22 Oct 21) for both Crohn’s Disease & Migraines.

Even if the Convening Medical Authority (CMA) disagrees with my LOR at least my updated medical records and LOR will be included in my MEB case and progress forward to the IPEB Phase in which I’m totally okay with. Also, I plan on submitting an Letter of Exception (LOE) to be considered Permanently Retired this upcoming Monday (Oct 25) to my PEBLO.

My Questions:

1.) Have any of my fellow PEB members submitted an Letter of Rebuttal (LOR) or Letter of Exception (LOE) during the MEB Phase? What did you include in your LOR or LOE?? Also, do you think it’s a great idea to submit a LOE and if so/not, then please explain why?

2.) How beneficial do you feel either the LOR or LOE were to your specific MEB/PEB case?

3.) Anyone ever successfully been added an unfitting condition after submitting an LOR at the MEB Phase?

Please, share your experience(s). Also, all suggested tips are openly welcomed. Thank you, kindly!
Hello Mr Perry, l was injured at Annual training last july 2020. I underwent physical therapy, injections etc. Medcon kept saying l was a tier 2 not 1. In Jan 2021 l had decomp back surgery, they paid me tier 1 for 2 months. I went thru ldes, the findings has me rated unfit for my back, and specifies initial injury july 2020. I haven't went back to work as a title 32 miltech, still under care,and just received my retirement order for November 2021. I should have been paid tier 1 correct.thanks
Hello Mr. Perry,

I have a question, based on VASRD FEV-1 of 56- to 70-percent predicted, or; FEV-1/FVC of 56 to 70 percent, or; daily inhalational or oral bronchodilator therapy, or; inhalational anti-inflammatory medication. 30%

Does Singulair (Montelukast) qualify if its prescribed daily for Asthma?
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Hello, just made an account to get some help in learning how to get help with anxiety and depression. For anyone that has gone through that and received a med board, how did you start the process? Thank you for any advice
Hi Raider, I would advise you to see your primary care physician asap. Let them know what's going on and get the ball rolling. Be open and honest with your experience and get the help you need. I've been dealing with the same since 2002. Make up your mind to want to feel better and welcome the assistance.
Good luck!

June 3rd: informed of med board
August 6th: entered into IDES
August 12th: open claim on
August 30th: C&P exams
September 29th: signed NARSUM. Peblo says he sent up my package that day
October 7th: closed claimed on received proposed ratings letter on ebenefits
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Peace everybody, I'm in the Army stationed at Ft Carson going through MEB. I have completed all my C&P exams as of 7 Sep 2021. I was put on a deadman's profile the day i was referred to MEB on 1 July 2021. This profile was according to my notes from podiatry which i have read multiple times. It lists all of my limitations that i'm not able to do. Well today my Nco got a text from my PSG saying to check my profile because i've been getting away with a lot of things. I showed my profile and i hadn't been getting away with much of anything. About 30 minutes later i get a screenshot of a profile with all of my information on it, and this new profile contradicts my entire condition, and previous permanent profile, along with all of my medical records from podiatry. Mind you this new profile was submitted on 27 Sep 2021 but i have not been to sick call, physical therapy or podiatry for my feet since my last appointment for podiatry which was 23 June 2021. I will be going to see about getting this issue resolved immediately tomorrow morning but i wanted to see if anybody has encountered a similar issue and if so what did you do ?
My grandson was dropped out of buds because of injuries and they have cut his pay. Is that the way navy treat injuries!!!
In need of urgent advice! Just found this forum. I just got my rating decision 100% and they added homebound as well. They're saying once I concur I'll have 2-4 weeks to clear. I don't feel like that's enough time to prepare for my ets travel to Arizona from Alaska. There's still a lot I need to do to prepare for that journey. One of which is get my license...yes I know I should've had it sooner. My current options are to try to get my army unfit for duty injuries added as combat related which will add about a month. Or try to get an injury added as unfit for duty which I believe is a formal board. My legal person said that can take 2-4months. Im just not sure what risk each option holds and positive that the outcome of doing either won't benefit me besides giving me time to prepare to travel back home with my spouse. Any advice? Am I playing with fire and should just out process in that 2-4 weeks?
I know it has been some time since you offered to share documents related to your COAD. However, if you still have any of them available, would you please email them to me at [email protected]? I'm especially interested in any information about the physician's letter/recommendation regarding fitness for duty (level of detail and specifics needed or generally given). Please feel free to redact any personal information that you do not wish to share. Thank you so much for your time!