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Good morning, 2 years ago I was given a VA rating of 100% T/P for PTSD. I have been going to a counseler at the VA for 9 + years and on several meds for my issues. I am still in the reserves and I have a mental health profile. How am I still in the reserves?
Hello, I am going through something similar to you as far as TDRL re evaluation taking me below the retired limit. Were you originally rated for sciatica during your initial PEB process? For me I was only rated 20% for my DDD and then my left and right sciatica got denied for being unfitting. Then I did a formal board and the board added it which put me at 30%.
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Now during my TDRL re-evaluation they removed the sciatica again. So I was just trying to figure out if your situation was kind of similar and what you presented at your reconsideration/Formal Board for TDRL re-evaluation to get them to accept it? Thanks in advance for your help!
Ive got 23 AD years and been on profiles over the last couple of years (including NO pt for 1yr) so because of my issues I dropped my retirement packet scheduled to retire in 8 mo. Two months after I submitted my packet I was informed that Im in the MEB process. Ive been told that MEB overrides everything and also told Im not able to go to MEB because I already submitted my retirement packet. Which is correct?
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I am a current member of the National Guard. Recently I my VA rating was increased to a permanent 100 percent. During this time I have been put in for a MEB . Just completed my appts and am going back and forth about findings. What are the benefits for a National Guard member to go through the MEB process.
100 percent VA rating
Combat related injuries (Purple Heart)
16 Good Yrs
12 active years
19 years overall
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I am a new member service connected 80% with rated at 100% with 19 1/2 years of service . My service connected is traumatic Brain injury, acoustic trauma 10% Saudi Arabia scud missile attack at Khobar tower 17 January 1991. Knee injury due to a water pressure blast in Arifjan Kuwait 2003 . PTSD 70 % I am consider permanent disable . February 13 , 2010 retired from the Army National Guard. Medical retirement .
Hello Veteran family,
I am a 100 percent veteran through the VA with only 13 years of service, but Im also still on TDRL with DOD at 50 percent. Do I get any additional benefits with DOD now or once I become PDRL. Again, I have under 20years of service.

You made a comment requesting feedback, but under another individual's profile post on my PEBFORUM account.

For clarity, I shall provide feedback under your new thread "Need Advice" on the PEBFORUM. Take care!
I am in IDES at 18 1/2 yrs and losing retirement benefits. DoD 20% and VA 100%. I requested VA Ratings Reconsideration to get 30% for medical retirement eligibility. I must submit my COAD packet NLT Friday 8 FEB - waiting for O6 memo. I haven't found any info regarding the rate of COAD requests being approved but I am still looking.
Honestly I am not sure. where is your MEB through? I actually just dropped my retirement so I will get a Pfit (presumption of fitness) and the will drop it at the PEB stage. I would have your lawyer fight that 20%, what was your original refered condition
and I apoligize for the late response, I didnt get the notification until today
Attorneys and I feel pretty good about how the Formal PEB this past Tuesday (1/29/29) went. Took about 1 1/2 hours with a 10 minute break in the middle. All 3 board members were changed shortly before we entered the room, but not a big deal because we had built a pretty solid case. It will take 1-2 wks for results to be sent to me. Can't thank enough for connecting me with such amazing Pro Bono attorneys.
How long did it take for your results from tdrl exam take to arrive? Also did it came in the mail? Then since you decided to appeal your case, about how long did that take? Also if my findings come back bad, would you recommend the appeal process. I bet it can be pretty stressful experience. I’m assuming you went to Washington navy yard and that’s where I would go too.
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How often does the proposed IDES Rating stay the same (namely compensation wise) I was proposed at about $2,000 (94% rounded down to 90%) a month do those numbers tend to change during final review after separation?
Hey ! I noticed you were MEB’d out of the Air Force recently for the same 3 MH conditions I was given congrats btw but so I was just curious what all did you have to go through to be Full boarded? As far as treatments maybe meds or how long you were on a mobility restriction anything like that which set you up for success to be fully boarded out as unfit
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