1. M

    Miracles STILL exist! (Anecdote/Inquiry)

    Hello Comrades, Developed Type 1 Diabetes on Active Duty in in SEP 2002. I met an ANGEL online. I was told by an AMVETs rep when I discharged--after looking through all of my service records--I WOULD ONLY QUALIFY FOR 40%, that there were no more ratable conditions in my records. FFWD...
  2. TDWilliams

    Last stages of PDBR??

    I just got an email from the PDBR stating this: We have updated your new address. Your case has met the board and is awaiting Service review. Cases are currently taking 24 months. Respectfully, Physical Disability Board of Review Am I at the last stages, or do I still have a ways to go...
  3. Navy80

    Complex VA Back Pay Question! (80% DOD-30% VA)

    So, I originally filed in July 2014. About six months later my claim was cancelled because I was put into the IDES process. My IDES case closed in June 2016 with 80% DOD and 30% DOD...I was back paid starting in May 2016. I should have been back paid from my original file date correct...
  4. A

    How does Intent to File work?

    I accidentally click on the Intent to File button while trying to figure out the E-Benefits website and received a letter in the mail that somewhat describes what an Intent to File is for. Does it mean that if I file a claim for a medical condition that I haven't been seen by a doctor for, I...
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