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Sailors and Marines separated between Sept. 12, 2016, and June 11, 2018 eligible for new PEB
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Court orders new PEB for certain Sailors and Marines This is a very good option for affected DoN personnel.

The New DODI 1332.18 & Why It Is Important to You—John B Gately

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On 11/10/22, DODI 1332.18 was updated with mandatory guidance to be followed by all the armed services when processing PEB cases. Here are just a few reasons why this update is important for anyone undergoing the PEB process to review and understand: 1. In this update, there is a provision that allows service members to specifically demand that the FPEB cannot seat as board members anyone who participated in the adjudication process of your case at the IPEB. See Section 3.3.c.2.b of DODI1332.18. This means that you can exclude IPEB members from sitting on your FPEB, but you can also keep them if you think that their presence would help your case. 2. Prior to this update being issued, service members could only submit written appeals of adverse findings by the FPEB panel of their service. But, under Section 3.3d.1 of DODI1332.18, you can now request an additional hearing at which counsel can represent you. While no one knows yet how each service will implement this provision, this...
Welcome to JMATTK as our newest moderator!!
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I am really glad to welcome JMATTK as our newest moderator. The goal of the site is to inform, educate, and provide a community for those facing military disability evaluation system processing. The members provide the questions and share their experiences, but the "glue" that makes this work is the hard work of the moderation team here. JMATTK has been recommended from the rest of the team to join us as a moderator. He has consistently shared and provided solid input since he joined the site a little more than 2 years ago. I am pleased to welcome him to the team here, and I hope you all welcome him, too! Thanks for your efforts, JMATTK!
Looking ahead to impact of a Federal Government Shutdown
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It's looking more certain that a shutdown will happen. I wanted to share what I know. I just read this from a Military Times article: "Navy leaders said that all physical evaluation board processes for sailors and Marines will be paused until the shutdown is resolved." I suspect that this will be the case DoD-wide. I have recently noticed a much higher number of civilians sitting on Army boards (two boards over the past month that I have gone to have had two out of three board members who were civilians, including the Presiding Officer). I spoke with a PEBLO yesterday who mentioned that he would be required to work without pay during the shutdown. I don't know if that is going to be the case for all PEBLOs, but it's a possibility. I also spoke with a Department of Justice...

Memorial Day 2023

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I hope everyone has taken a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of our Brothers and Sisters who have given the ultimate sacrifice in military service to our Great Nation. I also hope that you all have enjoyed the day. To me, the day is best served by taking time to honor the fallen and also to enjoy what their service has given us- the Freedom that we enjoy and the fruits of a country that allows us so much. Godspeed fallen warriors. Your service is never forgotten! I will be posting more in the near future about initiatives to help Wounded Warriors and to fix the problems they so often face. Memorial-Day-Wreath.jpg

Veterans can now access their disability benefit decisions online

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Veterans can now access their disability benefit claim decision notice letters electronically on, empowering them to quickly and easily see their disability decisions. Continue reading...

Remember the Golden Rule

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Selected text written by Jason Perry a few years ago. A revival of his post is warranted due to a few isolated incidents. The bottom line: No one is superior to another on this board (Jason is the owner of course). This is applicable to all categories of members, moderators and visitors/regular members alike. Having a unique expertise does not give one the right to belittle others. If you receive information which you think is wrong, say so without insulting the person (a volunteer) who went to the trouble of providing an answer. RonG, Moderator cc: @Jason Perry @chaplaincharlie @Provis @Guardguy11 @RetiredColonel-MikeT @oddpedestrian
Haven't followed this thread and this is my first look at it. So, my comments or views may not encompass all that has gone on and I may be missing context that said, here are a few...

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