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Rev. August 2021; Info required for estimate, CRSC Computations, Chapter 61 Disability Retirements
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DFAS; DoD; Service CRSC; Example; DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Reg Vol 7B, Chapter 63
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DoD WII Handbook 2020-12-30
everything you want to know about being a wounded, injured, or ill military member.
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easy to use va multiple rating calculator
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Competency 27 Aug 15
process for the VA to determine competency
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SECNAVINST 1850.4F Jason Perry
SECNAVINST 1850.4F 2020-11-21
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Air Force Resource Hawaii5-0
Air Force Resource V4.0_Nov_2020
Medical retention & LOD cheat sheet of responsibilities (it follows the DoDI...good 4 all branches)
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Concurrent Receipt: Background and Issues Congressional Research Report 2019
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Wanted to ask if you have any contacts of an attorney. My Dod disability rating was just 10%, because a doc screwed up and didn't mark radiculopathy and IVDS in the form as positive and put 70 degrees rom forward as an estimate, because I had a flare up, so she couldn't measure. Now I found out, that pain clinic doc put 30 degrees rom forward, 10 back, radiculopathy and IVDS in my medical records. I have all papers together. Ready appealed with VA and waiting for results. I was separated only 10 days ago... With just 10% and unbearable pain frequently

Re: Your CRSC Estimates

It was nice to work with you since you have an excellent understanding of the mechanics involved. It is not unusual to receive a request for an estimate that leaves out half of the info needed even after directly asking for it twice WITH examples. Then there are those who pick numbers out of the air. They are usually easy to detect with even numbers for everything.

Those presentations make the CRSC estimate worthless and a waste of time. I guess I am just getting old (76) and cranky.

Take care,

SGM (Ret.), USA
Finance Corps, 1966-1991
what does 3msk mean? sorry i dont think well and did you say there was a mental health condition tha you were referr for?
Estimates for CRSC are provided in the CRSC forum, not the profile page. Go to
Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) <---LINK Use RED POST THREAD button

CRSC Estimate

The following is needed for someone to compute your CRSC:
Accurate information needed within one reply:

1.--Average high three for basic pay (total of the highest 36 months of pay divided by 36) RECOMMENDATION: As an alternative (and better) cite the gross retired pay on the most recent DFAS RAS.1a Indicate which you are furnishing (i.e., the gross retired pay from the recent RAS or the average high three).
Example reply: The Gross retired pay on my DFAS RAS is $2900.
Example Reply 2: The total of my highest 36 months of pay divided by 36 is $3600.

1a.--Did you receive a DoD disability retirement?
Example reply: I did receive a DoD disability retirement.

2.--DoD disability percentage
Example reply: My DOD disability retirement percentage was 70%.

3. --Active duty years and months (or active duty equivalent for RC members which is total creditable points divided by 360). Your retirement orders will show your active duty equivalent on page one, about 3/4 down the first page as “Disability Retirement”.
Example reply: My active duty equivalent shown on my retirement orders was: 9 years and 8 months

4. --VA compensation (All of the following):
a. percentage; Example reply: My VA Compensation percentage is 80%.
b. amount; Example reply: The amount of my VA compensation is $1900.
c. dependents by category and ages of dependent children.; Example reply: My dependents for VA compensation are spouse and 2 children under 18.

d. Also provide information pertaining to any SMCs you receive.
Example reply: I receive SMC-K.

5.--Projected or approved CRSC percentage by your service.
Example reply: My approved CRSC percentage is 70%.

6.--Whether you qualify for another type of retirement . Cite the type of other retirement for which you qualify such as reserve component at age 60. Example reply: I also qualify for a reserve retirement.

7.--Did you receive a REDUX/CSB payment? If REDUX was received, then all the info (amounts and description) on page one of your DFAS RAS is needed in addition to other info requested. Please show a description for each item. Example reply: I did not receive REDUX/CSB.

8.--Did you accept the Blended Retirement program option? Example reply: Yes I was under the blended retirement program.