camp pendleton

  1. P

    Army stationed on Camp Pendleton Timeline 2019

    P3 Initiated 12/20/2018 Referral/ 2nd signature 01/18/2019 Claims 01/22/2019 Medical exams completed 01/31/2019 I'm an AD soldier stationed on MC Camp Pendleton. If anyone is ever in my situation I can give you a brief synopsis of how your MEB will go. My PEBLO is out of Ft. Irwin I...
  2. C


    Hello all, my VA claims were submitted in October (started 10/02 ended 10/29 with appointments and everything submitted) I was found UNFIT December 31 My Ebenefits completion dates estimated March 2019- June 2019 but today I checked and it is now April 2019- June 2019 Does anybody have any...
  3. mcgarry.shane

    Meaning of ebenefits work in progress?

    -Camp Pendleton -Medboard case accepted for action on 6 OCT, 2015 Hey everyone, I just spoke to a PEBLO at IDES about my ebenefits page. Under the work in progress section on my current claim, it has gone from gathering of evidence, to decision in progress, to decision pending approval, and...
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