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    I am being placed on MRR and I don't understand why

    I came off of active duty feb2019, I joined the reserves right after. I got a VA rating of 70%. Last years physical I was never questioned on it. Then this year they put me on TNPQ because of migraines even though the migraines had stopped and I told them that. I got it signed off by my...
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    What are my options? (Navy Reserve)

    I'm a drilling Navy Reservist. I am currently 80% service connected with 16 good years (17 in September) with almost 5 active. I received my rating a couple years ago and had notated such on my PHA's. Apparently it was glanced over until now. My last PHA was done in March. I received orders to...
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    What can I expect for Navy SELRES MRR of migraines?

    I went to medical because I have been having severe migraines for over a year. It's actually the same migraine I've had every single day with no breaks in the pain following a car accident. I'm currently doing botox treatments, the Aimovig injections, plus medications. So far I don't have...