usmc ides peb va wait time process timeline

  1. C


    Hello All! I was wondering if anyone can give any insight as to where I would be in my process I started everything in October and finished and got my PEB submitted in December. I have done all C&P Exams and reviewed my notes and the last time I talked to my VA rep she said that It has...
  2. JimmyGBuckets21

    My Timeline Okinawa

    Good Afternoon All, It seems there's a lot of good information regarding stateside timelines, but wanted to see if there's anyone out there who's recently experienced the timelines out in Okinawa. I had my left knee operated on twice prior to the Marine Corps and was cleared to join and haven't...
  3. B

    Where am i in the process??

    I am in the IDES process and I'm not sure what step I'm on. Hard to get answers from my peblo so seeing if you guys have any insight. Haven't been notified if determined fit or unfit yet but wondering if since the VA is under compensation and review of evidence that means they found me unfit and...
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