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I have some questions about what happens if you are rated at 40%. My situation was this, during my med board I was rated at 40% due to loss of range of motion of both of my ankles due to severe heel fractures. I was placed on TDRL. Right after I got out, the VA rated me the same as the med board, with that addition of another 10% due to arthritis in my right ankle. 2 years later, I went through another board, and they changed the rating to arthritis, for both ankles at 10% each, and removed the loss of range of motion. At the time, due to horrible advice, I didn't challenge it. After reading about the PDBR, I know that they can only consider the unfitting conditions at the time of separation. Does that mean from both med boards? I read that if am rated over 40% I can receive both my VA and retirement at the same time. Is that correct? Is there the possibility that they can rate both the loss of range of motion back to the original 20% each foot, as well as the arthritis at 10% each foot, due to both conditions being on the med boards?

I know this is going to be a long process, I just filed in Feb.


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@erisvibe: Hey, my understanding is the only way to collect both v.a. disability and retirement is through a program called crsc, or cdrp, both have different qualifications and both need a service connection at time of med board and same reason for v.a. disability, and both have to be shown to be related to an incident or illness derived from a combat. Good luck with the pdbr man.
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