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    Multiple Sclerosis and MEB, anyone else currently dealing with this?

    It has been 6 months since this post, but just wanted to check on your situation? OkieBumAF - How are things working out for you ?
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    Secondary Conditions for DOD Rating

    gsfowler - I understand that ED is not ratable and that it is a SMC. I am at 0% for ED as a secondary to MS, but "how do I know" I am receiving the SMC in my payments? Is there a separate listing on my dollar amount coming in from C&P, or do I just have to "count on it" hoping it is included?
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    FPEB positive outcome what next?

    That is why this forum is so critical to those going thru any medical military issues. A plethora of info for everyone.
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    When Does Retirement Pay from DFAS Kick In?

    No Ron, my retirement was not a result of an appeal. Thanks for the example you provided for me to see. I do not have that as of yet? Here is my RAS bottom section: MESSAGE SECTION Beneficiaries now have access to a more complete health record! TRICARE Online Patient Portal...
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    When Does Retirement Pay from DFAS Kick In?

    I agree with you thinking about my retired pay is not being reduced at this time by my VA comp? The two systems should talk to each other in my mind, and maybe it is just too early for things to catchup for them to see this? I will advise of any useful findings I come up with.
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    When Does Retirement Pay from DFAS Kick In?

    Since I was AFRC, I was using/calculating my 'reserve points' and ARC Retirements personnel statements as my gauge to enabling a full AD 20 year TAFMS retirement. When I got my first pay, it was actually based off a different number, so I retired with 23 years + few months TAFMS. It is all very...
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    When Does Retirement Pay from DFAS Kick In?

    I am looking at it now, and my ERAS (electronic) is only one page? Even at the bottom in the Message Section, there is nothing noted about CRDP for me? I guess another call to Retired Pay is on order? Thanks for all you do Ron!
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    When Does Retirement Pay from DFAS Kick In?

    Ron, Just for reference because so many people rely upon your expertise - I retired full AD (not Ch.61) on 1 April. I received my first regular retired paycheck on 1 Aug. They did back pay the Apr, May, Jun, Jul shortly thereafter. According to the retired pay 1-800 number folks, NEW retired...
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    Eight year rule

    I am SO HAPPY that there is positive news in your case!! Sometimes it takes the fog to lift so that others may see?? :-) I have actually flown with MG FLournoy in the past, he is a decent human from what I saw.... LOL Keep on keeping on Fishmom! I hope things only get better for you!
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    Multiple Sclerosis - DoD vs VA Rating

    It can be hard to gauge how long it will take based off others timelines, as mine was drug out for almost two years. It really depends upon your medical facility staff and how much they know about the entire process, but I got really deep into the AFI's and was constantly letting my Med folks...
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    Va Check instead of Retirement Pay

    Orange Sky - What was you retirement date and how long was it when you received your first RAS (retirement check)? My retirement date was 1 April 19, so I thought I'd get paid 1 June, but here it is 1 June and I got ZERO money nor correspondence? I think my stuff is all really Dorked up being a...
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    MEDCON Orders & the IDES Process

    In my case, my AFRC base Medical staff kept on saying that the MEDCON orders are for people who have an clear case of being RTD, not folks like me who are being Med Boarded. (Yes, in clear defiance of what the AFI reads) My unit had a guy who broke his leg and was on MEDCON. ( in 2008 I had an...
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    No LOD and RILO - Need Advice

    Being told you don't "need" an LOD because you are on full time orders is absolutely incorrect. In fact, I believe it's the opposite?! I know you're ANG, but in my AFRC knowledge, 36-2910 is the one thing I needed to be the expert on, because my Med folks were not. Good luck!
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    My Air Force Timeline (Shoulder and PTSD)

    I have recently opened up a NEW claim for my Tinnitus, which is sitting at the VA in the general researching more info box. But, concern is I have nothing in my records that says I have tinnitus. But I have it. :-(
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    No LOD and RILO - Need Advice

    I have just retired, BUT I had been fighting the LOD battle with my AFRC med folks for two years. I was knee deep in the AFI's that were not being followed and kept talking with them about the situation. At the very end of my medical case, they said okay they'll initiate an LOD, which turned out...
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