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    MEDCON Orders & the IDES Process

    In my case, my AFRC base Medical staff kept on saying that the MEDCON orders are for people who have an clear case of being RTD, not folks like me who are being Med Boarded. (Yes, in clear defiance of what the AFI reads) My unit had a guy who broke his leg and was on MEDCON. ( in 2008 I had an...
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    No LOD and RILO - Need Advice

    Being told you don't "need" an LOD because you are on full time orders is absolutely incorrect. In fact, I believe it's the opposite?! I know you're ANG, but in my AFRC knowledge, 36-2910 is the one thing I needed to be the expert on, because my Med folks were not. Good luck!
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    My Air Force Timeline (Shoulder and PTSD)

    I have recently opened up a NEW claim for my Tinnitus, which is sitting at the VA in the general researching more info box. But, concern is I have nothing in my records that says I have tinnitus. But I have it. :-(
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    No LOD and RILO - Need Advice

    I have just retired, BUT I had been fighting the LOD battle with my AFRC med folks for two years. I was knee deep in the AFI's that were not being followed and kept talking with them about the situation. At the very end of my medical case, they said okay they'll initiate an LOD, which turned out...
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    My Air Force Timeline (Shoulder and PTSD)

    How did you get a C&P exam for audiology? I never got one of those, but needed one for tinnitus which I hear is hard to prove you do, or don't have it? I have it, but it's not docuumented anywhere, but gradual hearing loss change was noted in my yearly audio exams.
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    Pay after retirement

    Wow, $3713 for housing?!! It's only $1350/mo here in Oklahoma for me. :-) I get the cost of living difference.....
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    MEB or VA?

    Decline VA compensation? I am currently receiving VA comp, and waiting on first retirement pay on 1 Jun. (retired 1 Apr) When or where do folks make this decision to Waive VA pay or not? I do NOT want to do this as Ron G. eludes is not financially smart, but I do not recall ever seeing anything...
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    TFSC says, therefore the member is not eligible to receive a retirement DD 214

    Post is a couple months old, but I have more "issues' with this topic. Prior to my retirement from AFRC on 1 APR 19, I was on full time orders for two years. I had requested a DD214 updated to show this period of time I was working. In hind-site, I now know this 'really doesn't matter' to...
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    Diagnosed with MS Jan 2018

    Hello, welcome! (finally :-) I was also a flyer E-7 AFRC and diagnosed with MS after MRI's, LP, blood work, etc.... My story is similar to yours, but my CC recommendation letter was sent as Retain member. In the end, ARPC called and said AFRC found me Un-Fit. In my case, I had enough TAFMS to...
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    Eight year rule

    Hello again Fishmom. How is your situation going? I have been off-line for a bit and catching back up. I am now retired with Full AD retirement, not medical. ARPC called me and said i was found un-fit, but had my full 20 yr TAFMS, so I retired 1 April.
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    TFSC says, therefore the member is not eligible to receive a retirement DD 214

    I have the same question as you. I have a retirement date of 1 APR 19. Up until 31 JAN 19 I have been on full time orders for two years, but now I am on my last week of Annual Tour(did three weeks of AT monday thru friday in FEB), with my last day working to be this Friday 22 FEB 19. I have...
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    Who is responsible?

    I was also in the same situation, and referred to this DoDD. More info is needed: do you have an LOD right now? You might also use the information in 36-2910 para 1.3.8 as well as look at the MedCon AFI.
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    VA Recoupment and DoD Retirement

    landmine - I am in the same situation as you are. I have sent the full amount for 2017 drill days to be paid back, and am expecting a letter for the 2018 days recoupment. I also fear they will not properly apply my payment for 2017 and start the allotment from my VA pay? I HOPE NOT! Grrrr......
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    Separation Pay and VA

    I was separated from AD for HYT in 1997. I got $16K separation pay before taxes. I am receiving VA disability pay for claims I filed in 2017. The VA has recouped all the DoD separation pay from my VA checks. I am not sure where you heard the DoD will take 40% of your retirement pay? ALL of my...
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    VA Recoupment and DoD Retirement

    Pyro - Good to hear from you again. I also just got a letter of recoupment form the VA, as I have also (like you) been on military orders getting VA pay. I expected this to happen, and as of now they are asking for the 2017 backpay to be refunded. I do not have a DoD rating, but being a Regular...
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