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  • Finally got my I99..VA has me at 90% DOD has me at 80%. But totally confused on how pay works when not eligible for concurrent receipt.
    Showing a much larger payment by VA in Ebennies than I first anticipated per percentage showing on VA letter on site. Still nothing from PEB
    We'll..Bbennies just changed Pending Decision Approval from Prep for decision in the same day.
    Like so many of you..feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark, and not getting any answers from those that will make decision on my future
    Newest Update per PEBLO: packet has moved to DRAS and is pending rating which can take a few months. One more step forward.
    Glad all the issues on the forum got fixed. I like the new layout. Waiting patiently on PEB phase to complete...
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Thanks, was a pain to have the problems before and also to wait for the migration. Hopefully, the site is easier to use now!
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