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    I am in the AF and have been going through this MEB process over the past year. Last year in August I had my first "seizure," where I had fallen over and hit the back of my neck on my computer. I woke up sometime after disoriented and in alot of back and neck pain that had continued for months...
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    PEB for seizure

    Hey, I am trying to get some information because right now I am going through the PEB process. I was referred because I had one seizure where I lost consciousness, I haven't had any more but the nuerologist referred me after the first one. I am currently on keppra 2x a day. What are my chances...
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    Complex Partial/Absent Seizures

    Hello, I have seen a few people post on here about having the same/similar seizure disorder and getting a rating back of 20% and being separated. I was wondering if anyone has this and was retained/found fit for duty? My CC letter recommends retention based on the fact that I just made E-6 in...
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