1. catherinemedboard

    TDRL is now 3 years instead of 5? Help!

    I am now a veteran who in the past few months have been placed on TDRL. Recently I went to base to get a new Veteran ID card since the old one had my married last name. Apparently there was an error in my card which scanned the expiration date to 2020 instead of 2022. When the gentleman at the...
  2. A

    AF Medical Retirement

    I have a quick question... So my husband is being medically retired from the AF (over 17 years active duty) and we were speaking to a family friend about the compensation portion. This person was medically retired from the Army after ten years of active duty service, and receives retirement...
  3. T

    Should i be Medically Retired?

    Hey All, I am currently receiving 60% from the VA for ptsd and from my back. I had surgery from a disc that blew out in 2009 as a result of my DDD that i was discharged with. I got 10% for DDD. My doctor recommended Lumbar Kyphosis AND Degenerative Disc Disease without radiculopathy. My...
  4. B

    Army Physical Review Board Submitted!!! Hopeful Great Results

    I received 90% Va disability and was medically chapter thru the PEB and MEB at 0%. My VA rating was PTSD 50%, Back Problems and Pain 50%, Neck Chronic Pain 40% and Skin Condition 10% and Chronic Migrate Headaches 50%. I file for an increase for PTSD.. Just got diagnosed with mild Sleep Apnea...
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