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  • Please assist me with a logical answer.IMy MOS is 42A now from 71L then was injured on AD 1992-1996 and VA S/C 30%.I was ordered to muster in 2000. I turn the paperwork in to the reserve unit. I was give a Physical in 2001 and failed it. No boards were initiated. I have failed every physical since then 03, 05, 07 and 08. PEB found me unfit for duty in 2006 with the pretense that my injuries were non-duty related. I appealed it because it was a falacy. After the appeal, in return I am FIT for DUTY. However, the profile I have does not allow me to take a APFT not even an alternate event. I have max out on my extensions for this board. I have been extended 22 times. My obilgation ended in Sept 2000. I am in need of an extention for another appeal because the profile does not allow me to re-enlist however the PEB says I'm fit for duty. I am being blown around by my command which doesn't suprises me. I am preparing another Congressional against the PEB and the Command. I can't make sense of this...my commanders letter stated that I am a liability to be retained due to my injuires. The unit generated false statements of a LTC I have NEVER worked for. It was a walk on water letter? I can't wear the boots and I have no career progression. Right shoulder, left knee, tarsal tunnel in the feet with plantar faciitis. I am waiting now for the third appeal now. Its been 3 weeks.
    The unfitting things I see are that with the ankle they are going to implant using cadaver. With this, I have not and will never be able to run again according to the surgeon. It is a stage IV ocd of the talus. Bike testing would be out of the questions due to the BP meds I am on have calcium beta blockers keeping me from Ergo testing. Also, with the sleep apnea, I had a UPPP and tonsillectomy to try and help with the apnea but still CPAP is required even post surgery. I would love to stay my 20 but at this point, AF members must be fit for duty even worldwide qualified, even for a Personnelist like me. Even with the fitness program, this could place my AF AD career in jeopardy. At this point, my only hope is that if they do decide to cut me loose, it would be by med retirement but not until after my ankle surgery.
    Hi Jason,
    I am a Personnelist currently stationed at Randolph. I have sleep apnea that was diagnosed in DC, hypertension, left ankle replacement (pending surgery) and have less than 10 months to go in my current enlistment. I am going to be boarded soon again for the sleep apnea again with which I use CPAP. I am going to see my PCM this week to see if they can delay this MEB because they are not including the pending surgery on my ankle. I have ten years in next month, what do you think my chances are in being Med retired?
    Thank you...As of right now I am going to stay in the Metro-Detroit area and see if my condition gets any better and then go from there.
    How is your workload?
    Hey Jason,
    Just wanted to say hi and hope life is treating you well. I am officially on TDRL as of today......
    I was just wondering what things are they going to take into account if any besides deployability and whether or not I'm fit for duty? and how will they determine if I am fit for duty or not? If you can't answer for sure do you know where to direct me??? I don't want to waste my time looking for a home where I'm from if they don't give me some type of discharge. And I was told by the person that deals with the MEBs on my base that there is currently an Air Force Instruction that disallows an MEB to be used to re-train or cross-train individuals, and also that my commander cannot override the MEB to cross-train me... know anything about that either???
    thanks again for the help,

    I asked my Commander to recommend fit finding and return to duty. She then stated "I was not doing the job of a TSgt" and told me to talk to my Supervisor and the Chief? She is currently trying to dig up any dirt on me via job performance, EPR's, PIF and talking to people. She will not find anything, but I'm now under a micro scope! I talked to my first Shirt yesterday with my supervisor and he said he did not know why she's making comments and or acting this way towards me, but obviously it has to do with my MEB. She also wants me to find out the difference between a 19 / 20 year retirement. I have always done a great job through out my career/19 years (5 on all EPR's) and have never been in trouble. Is she out of line and or do you have any sujestions?

    My name is Michael Brown, I am a Pararescueman for the USAF for the past 6yrs. I am currently going through this very painful process of the MEB/PEB. My case is now at AFPC in Randolf AFB. I have know idea of what to expect, i am very new at all of this. My MEB states "Chronic Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, moderate; manifested by DSM IV criteria..." I was hospitalized at the Tucson VA hospital for 21 days as an impatient to help with the symptoms. I have just finised the Prolonged Exposure treatment and some benifit came of it. This PTSD is directly related to my deployment in OEF. I am also being boarded for Major Depression Episode, Single. Cognititive disorder that is still being treated to rule out any TBI, last but not least a diagnosis of Sever Migraine Headache, that are dibilitating.

    Where do I go from here? Is this case going to get thrown right back in my face because I am in a critical manned careerfield? I am worried that this will not get me over the "magic" 30% to get on the PDRL. Any words of wisdom on what to expect? The time line I am projecting to recieve the results is around the 1st of Nov. That would put me at the 12 week point of my package being evaluated.

    Lastly, is really neccessary to take all these meds they are giving me. I mean it seams that I am changing meds bi-weekly. Does the board take in to consideration that these meds are obviously not working?

    Thank you for any feedback.
    Michael Brown
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    My name is Tod E. Spaeth I am in the Air Nation Guard of South Carolina. I have 23+ years of service and was on Active duty for Iraqee Freedom for the last 3years when I was recently diagnost with Sleep Apnea. I was told that I would be retired due to this disability. I was offered to continue on the orders for Iraqee Freedom, I told them that I was offered a job with a civilian company. I asked Medical at my National Guard base if I should take the job or stay on active duty for the duration of the medical evaluation process after the diagnosis. Medical told me I could take the job offer with the civilian company, it wasnt going to effect my retirement decision. I am wondering if I made a mistake taking the civilian job and if I should have just stayed on the Active Duty Orders for Iraqee Freedom until all of this medical retirement evaluation was handled. If this was a mistake, how do I go about fixing it.
    Thank you for your advice.
    Tsgt. Tod E. Spaeth
    [email protected]
    803-271-1368 cell
    :confused: Hi Jason,

    My name is Elizabeth and I had some questions about our situation that we have right now. My husband in a E6 Marine , and being a Marine for almost 10 years. All this situation started about two weeks ago. My husband got assigned to Recruiting duty here in Ohio. We were a little excited but concern too. He did great in school finished top of his class with a average of 97%. So that kept us hope that this could be OK for us. Well he got assigned to a little town called Hillsboro to report on July 29, we got here and is was a totally culture shock, not only we are the second Hispanic family living in this town but everything else is so new to us, but we adjust it and try to think it will go fast. Well about two weeks ago my husband had a severe anxiety attack (never had one before) and we had to take him to the hospital because he could stop shaking and controlling his emotions. After that he was recommend to see a counselor. He was send to the VA in Chillicothe, were he was evaluated and recommended that he stay there for two weeks (Only stay about 9 nine and was dischard). He was evaluated by three different professional in which they recommend to his command to send him back to the fleet marines. That recruiting duty is not for him, he was diagnoses with PDS , anxiety and social disorder in which it could be improve but over time , with counseling. Well his command didn't take it well, specially his CO. He pretty much said in the phone conference that they had with the doctors. That my husband was faking it and that allot of marines fake distress to try to get out of duty, and that if he is having those problem he should not be fit to return to his old duty and be dischard. The doctor explain him the outcome , the recommendation they are providing but at the end is up to them. They receive a formal report, as well as us. He return from the Hospital Yesterday, He is right now on anxiety pills until his visit with the counselor next Thursday. Today he was call by his superior , telling him to return to the office because he will be doing some admins work until his order to a medical board in West Virginia are done. My concern and of course his are How long would this board be? Would he get a punishment for this situation? How can this MB hurt him? And how should we handle this situation? Can we fight this for him to return to his duty? Would they have to move us from where we are, during this Medical board? SHould we get legal advice? What can I do to help him through this?

    I am sorry , I am they are many questions but we are really concern. Many of our other military friends tell us not to trust any of his command because they are going to try to screw him ( sorry for the language) because of what he has done. And the only thing , I can see is the military has being the life of my husband and he is so proud of that. His career as a military never being in trouble and always accomplish his mission. And i know he is worry, not only because of his career but because of the safety and security of his family. I will really appreciated if you can provide us with some advice of what he can do. Our email is [email protected]

    thank you very much

    Elizabeth Padilla
    And my injury was made worse because my chain of command forced me ( with threat of non judicial pnishment) to pt while I was on light duty would this information be admittable if my IPEB finds me unfit. I mean i would have healed a year and half ago if it wasn't for them.
    Contact Me at (830) 277-2058 (Howard), I have been fighting MEB/PEB, from 1979 to Date.

    I retired from the Air Force in 1980, and from Fed. Civil Service 1986.

    I just found out my Commander is recommending I medically retire (CC MEB Letter).
    How much weight does her letter carry? I talked to her yesterday and explained I hit 19 years on 13 Nov 08 and I feel based off an outstanding career that she changes her recommendation. I will see what happens? I went to sign my MEB package and there were several major mistakes, so I didn't sign the package. I see my knee surgeon today as I've been geeting shots in my rt knee for sometime and need surgery. Should I proceed with knee surgery or just keep getting shots in my knee? Also, how important is it regarding retirement that I hit my 19 and or 20 year mark?


    I went to the MEB office to sign my package. The package naratives are all messed up. This will allow me time for any advice and or corrections from my PCM.


    How important is it for me to hit my 19 year mark on 13 Nov 08? My back is very bad along with other issues and I'm worried about supporting my family. I've given the AF the best years of my life only to be tossed away, what happened to our AF family?


    I really need some quick advice. I am hitting 19 years in the AF on 13 Nov 08 and they are MEBing me for 2x back surgeries L5/S1, PTSD and depression. The MEB office is insisting I come in and sign the MEB package that will go to randolf AFB. I do not know and or understand what I'm signing as my memory/comprehension is shot. I am trying to get my wife to go, but they are pushing me to sign. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    TSgt Carper, Timothy refered you to me.

    TSgt Freeman, Steve
    Hello Jason I am new to the site however I have been reading around the forum for a few months know. I am beeing medically boarded for herniated disk with spinal cord impignment or something like that. I have C-3 thru C-7 herniated with riducolpathy and left arm weaknes. They came back with the findings and gave me 10% plus severence I have been active duty for the past 12yrs and 4month however they put down I have been active for 10.8 yrs. I rebutled the findings and know I am waiting for a date to see the formal board. What are my chances of getting a higher rating? Thanks for all your help.
    Hi, Jason--

    We're having a difficult time finding answers and hoped you could help. My fiance's situation is this:

    He is a SGT, E-6, in the Army Nat'l Guard, time of service is just over 7 years. Served two tours in Iraq (first in Army; second in Nat'l Guard). He's been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury, Cancer, and PTSD (all are LOD). He has asked for a Medical Board thru his unit. They sent him to NG State Headquarters where a doctor signed a "profile" form for LOD injury rendering him unfit for duty due to TBI. The doctor stated the Army would discharge him, but that he wouldn't be up for medical retirement since he hadn't served 20 years. Rather, the VA would be responsible for any and all compensation and pension thru the VA disability claims process. Then he stamped and signed a paper to be returned to the medical office on-base where they would contact his unit for his medical documents.

    We're very confused because other soldiers (as well as my research online) have told us he should be considered for permanent disability retirement thru the Army (as well as VA disability). We learned at this meeting that a Medical Board is in three stages, and we assume we've moved onto the second, but quite frankly don't know if he's even still in the process. Nobody can fill us in on what a Medical Board even is, or what to expect, what's going on, or how to proceed. I'm afraid this soldier will fall through the cracks. Could you please advise or refer someone who could?

    Thank you, sincerely,

    Hi, I'm an Air Force member, been in the military almost 11 years. I've been having back problems for a few years and last year in late October/early November, my doctor requested an MEB on me. I've been on medical hold since then. Spangdahlem sat on the package for awhile, they did not turn it in to AFPC until April of this year. AFPC sent it back and the doctor and commander had to redo the letter. It was sent back to AFPC June 20. My DEROS ended July 1st and we still have not heard anything. Spangdahlems request was for me to return to duty and put me in a C1 profile.(Waiting on final approval from AFPC)
    Currently my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and she's going through chemo right now. I really want to be near her during this time in her life. My 1sgt offered a humanitarian assignment as soon as the MEB was completed. Yet here we are September 5th, nothing from AFPC. I check in with PEBLO every week, so has my 1sgt, Commander and Wing Commander, but nothing.
    I'm at my wits end. Is it possible to complain to my senator. This is affecting my family and I tremendously. We can't plan for nothing, I can't help my sister out. It's just a mess. Do you have any suggestions???

    [email protected]

    Update: 6 Sept 08.
    I received an email from PEBLO, they said that AFPC was short manned that it will take 4-6 weeks for an answer. What the heck??? Apparently they ha 7 case officers now only 4 is left. They have to many to go through? Is this anyway related to the changes that is supposed to be happening with the MEB's?
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