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    Worked with Lawyers serving warriors? or another Assistance? Question for you.

    Hello. I am attempting to submit my PDBR application myself because I cannot afford a lawyer. I am not qualified for assistance programs like these because I did not have an initial VA rating of 30%, it was 20%. However, I do feel as though I have a case. I was wondering about the detailed...
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    BCMR or DRB

    I’m trying to figure out which Board I should send my Documentation to. I Served in the Active Army from 14 Jun 1999 - 18 Jun 2014 but was involuntary separated due to exceeding my RCP, I also Served in the Army Reserves from 19 Jun 2014 - 23 Nov 2018. My psychiatrist from Active Duty refused...
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    Can I get my Army Reserve Medical Retirement backdated to ETS for conditions from Active Duty

    I was recently awarded 80% DOD Permanent Medical Retirement on 23 Nov 2018 for Combat & MST related PTSD and neck issues in the Army Reserves, 70% for PTSD as a direct result of Armed Conflict and 20% for my neck. I also served 15 yrs Active Army from Jun 14th 1999 - June 18th 2014 and was...
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    ABCMR: Send complete military medical records?

    Hello. When applying for the ABCMR, do you send them your complete medical records? Or just the pages that is your evidence? Thank you.
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    Request for person with AKO access

    Hello. I am trying to get a copy of a ALARCT message that pertains to clarification of a regulation which I would like to use as evidence for my board review case of disability. I am unable to pull this message up because I do not have AKO access. ALARACT 034/2013: ALARACT Clarification of AR...
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    Which one? Board of corrections or PBDR?

    Hello. I have been contemplating submitting a correction due to errors in my PEB case. I thought I was going to go to ABCMR first because I understood that if you go PDBR, it is final. My understanding is that if you go PBDR first, it is final and you cannot apply to ABCMR. My understanding...
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