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    DDD Thoracic and Lumbar

    So I am already SC for my Lumbar DDD and was looking to see if anyone has any information linking thoracic DDD to my already SC Lumbar DDD? I cannot locate anything that would link it but I might not be using the correct search criteria. I have a follow-up appointment with my pain clinic doctor...
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    Back Issues & Sleep Apnea

    My husband is just starting the MEB process. A few years ago he was diagnosed with a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease and had back surgery. Soon after he was diagnosed with OSA (sleep apnea). I just found a VA claim where the veteran was able to have his sleep apnea be a secondary...
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    Duty restrictions while undergoing MEB?

    Hopefully this is the right location for this question. Recently was referred into IDES and began my MEB 29 June for SI issues, three herniated/degenerating discs (DDD) and fairly severe GAD. At this point, I am sick of sucking it up and working through my pain and intend to push for an unfit...
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    Thank you!

    Just wanted to thank the creators and everyone on this forum. It has helped me tremendously! I have been very patient and positive doing my MEB process, and everything worked out better than I could imagine. I currently have a VA rating of 100% and DOD rating of 80% PDRL. I am very happy to be...
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    QTC Doctor screwed me I think

    I got my NARSUM and MEB packet, the two conditions I am being boarded for are degenerative disc disease in my lower back, and degenerative disc disease in my neck, both P3. The QTC doctor never used a goniometer to measure my range of motion... through the whole process, yet stated in my packet...
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    Help! Not sure what step I'm at?

    Short and sweet: Code 37 since 7 Dec 16, no further updates at all. What should I do/expect? Detailed version: My PCM stated I would be undergoing an MEB and likely be found unfit for duty. I am okay with that and understand "most" of the process. Yet, it appears I'm stuck in limbo or...
  7. C


    Hello all, I am currenlty AD ARMY with 16+ years. 6 years ago i was diagnosed with DDD bulged/ herniated disks and mild/ moderate arthritis. I was placed on a P2 and have struggled through APFTs and HT/ WTs to stay within standards. My back problems have not improved and the DDD over time have...
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