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  1. O

    Navy Timeline-NMC Portsmouth

    Hello all, Been lurking for a few months and decided to post my timeline as hopefully it helps someone, as this forum has helped me quite a bit. I am currently active duty Navy with 20 years and 4 months TIS. I know this will lead to retirement, just ready for the process to be over with. 01...
  2. N

    Back: Did you get separate rating for Herniated Disk and Osteoarthritis?

    Hello. I am trying to find anyone who received a separate rating for a herniated disk at one location (say L5-A1) and a separate rating for osteoarthritis or arthritis at another disk location (say L3-4). Today I came across a PDBR review that had these separate ratings. I was astounded...
  3. N

    Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials called for PEB/Medical Board

    Length of Service: 8 years and 7 months Rate/Rank/Pay Grade: QM1 E6 (E6, 3 years at pay grade) PEB commenced: 13May16, NAVHOSP Jacksonville Treating Physicians: Retired USN 06 Pain Management at NAVHOSP Jax Civilian Neurosurgeon Saint Vincent's Spine & Brain...
  4. ColoradoRN

    Chiari Malformation & Syringomyelia...NARSUM recvd!

    I have been resourcing this site for two months and have gained an enormous amount of knowledge from it. Thank you! I would greatly appreciate any advice that can be given for my dilemma. I will try to make things as concise as possible. My husband (USMC 1998-2002, 0351 & AD Army...