Looking ahead to impact of a Federal Government Shutdown

Jason Perry

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It's looking more certain that a shutdown will happen. I wanted to share what I know.

I just read this from a Military Times article:
"Navy leaders said that all physical evaluation board processes for sailors and Marines will be paused until the shutdown is resolved." I suspect that this will be the case DoD-wide. I have recently noticed a much higher number of civilians sitting on Army boards (two boards over the past month that I have gone to have had two out of three board members who were civilians, including the Presiding Officer).

I spoke with a PEBLO yesterday who mentioned that he would be required to work without pay during the shutdown. I don't know if that is going to be the case for all PEBLOs, but it's a possibility.

I also spoke with a Department of Justice attorney who was defending the US in one of my US Court of Federal Clams cases and he mentioned that he was being told to not talk about it, but that they were "preparing" for a shutdown. The last shutdown, my opposing counsel at DoJ in the Civil Division were furloughed, so I suspect the same will happen.

I don't know, but suspect that BCMR/BCNR cases will slow or stop. I will update when I know more on that.

I hope that folks are not put in financial peril or dire straits during any shutdown. I know it will be painful for many.
@Jason Perry

Thank you for providing this important information.

Yes, as Mr. Ron said....it is appreciated. Thank you sir.