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I just received my first email to start my MEB. My profile is on my right knee but I have other issues going on that may call for an MEB as well (see below).

I am curious if those items will be put in the system to be looked at when they decide whether I am fit or unfit for duty.

Also, if it is only my knee being put into the system, having nerve damage, failed graff, arthritis etc. do those add to my percentage? I know just knee pain etc is only 10%.

Lastly, anyone have any examples of what their commanders wrote for them (commander's statement)? I want to make sure I am not leaving out any important information that may negatively affect my outcome and potentially my future.

Anyone have any experience with any of my situations, I would be grateful to hear the outcome.

Thanks in advance!

Background info:
Branch: Army
MOS: 35N
Time in Service: 11 years
Location: Fort Meade
Other medical issues:
Mild Sleep apnea
L/R shoulder pain
Lower back pain
L/R knee pain (failed hamstring graff, arthritis, lacking meniscus,)
Several other smaller issues
23 January 2018 Permanent profile initiated but needed follow up ortho appt.
12 February 2018 Follow up ortho appt
22 February 2018 Permanent profile initiated
23 February 2018 IDES representative emailed and called
6 March 2018 LDES vs IDES in brief



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List all those items with the VA. They will then schedule you for your exams based on those items not just the items on you MEB.

The MEB will take those in to consideration when they recommend fit or unfit and can find other items unfit for service.


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list all those in your VA appointment, i was medboard because of my left knee and i got 10% only, your knee is the only problem that take you to the medboard or your think something also will be unfit.?


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I am not entirely sure if the other issues would be considered unfit, but I will certainly list everything that is going on.

I was told if I was on longterm narcotics then that would initiate an MEB as well. Also, I am being seen by behavioral health to which they referred me to a PTSD therapist. Again, not sure what that will all mean to the board, but I am trying to get everything taken care of before I would have to get out. Sounds like its a lengthier process for civilians to get treatment.

Hope that wasn't too confusing lol

Thanks for the comments!
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