1. R

    Separation Pay Amount Confusion

    Hey everyone, currently on terminal leave and have a quick question. Looking at my DD-214 it lists my separation pay amount but after finally doing some math it amounts to a much larger amount than it is supposed to. From what I was tracking it is BASE PAYx2 MONTHSxYEARS IN SERVICE and that the...
  2. R

    Fort Bragg Timeline and Terminal Leave/PTDY DA31.

    Hello everyone, I just recently signed my 199 and was wondering if anyone had an example of a DA31 with PTDY included on it they could send my way. I would appreciate it very much! my timeline: Ortho recommended MEB for labral tear in right hip Feb 20th 2020 P3 submitted same day. IDES brief...
  3. C

    VA Claim development question.

    I Started my med board process June 1st 2020. Torn labrum in my hip. I’m now waiting on the VA to call me about claim development. My peblo said since the COVID situation, they are working from home and will contact me via phone. I haven’t heard from the VA about my claim development yet. My...
  4. C

    Reduced rating for migraines

    Hello all, I have searched the forums for an answer but cannot seem to find one any help is appreciated. I went through an MEB about a year ago for migraine headaches. I am now on the TDRL until my condition gets better or the 3 years elapses and I am retired. While I have found no relief...
  5. C

    Overtaxed on Severance Pay

    Has anyone experienced this? I was given a severance pay of $24,852. I receive a payment of $15,402 today, clearly way more than the 22% they are supposed to tax. What is the timeline to getting it fixed or just getting my taxes refunded after submitting the st.clair memo
  6. T

    Left Ankle Condition

    I have been found unfit for my left ankle and left lower leg (rated 10% each) as of my proposed VA ratings. My left ankle dorsiflexion is 0-5 degrees and they only rated it 10%. Was wondering if anyone has any insight as to whether that is accurate or should it be 20%? Wanted to see if I should...
  7. T

    PEB Found Fit for PTSD

    Good morning everyone, I was recently found fit for PTSD but it is basically a 50% rating alone based on the VA C&P Exam. I have two other conditions that rendered me unfit (left ankle and left leg). I expect those two ratings combined to be 20% or less. If I were to be found unfit for the PTSD...
  8. C

    Ulcerative Colitis

    Hey there! So I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis. I am on Remicade and immunosuppressants. I have just completed my 3rd infusion but now the docs are telling me I am most likely going to be Medboarded. I am Active Duty Army with 6 year TIS. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  9. aliceaje

    3 Attept at MEB initiation

    So I have been dealing with diagnosed tremors (orthostatic, and essential), and polyneuropathy. Over the course of nearly 2 years, since the time of the diagnosis, I have had 2 MEB packets sent up, both denied withing 2 weeks. So now, we just did an NTC rotation, and I noticed the symptoms...
  10. RichDaniel

    Andersen AFB, Guam - Tripler Timeline

    Referred conditions: 1. Lumbar degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis/spondylosis/facet arthrosis, spinal canal stenosis with L4-L5 disc abutting the traversing bilateral L5 nerve roots, and L5-S1 disc protrusion that abuts the traversing left S1 nerve root. 2. Left L5 and S1...
  11. J

    Just started the MEB/PEB Process, really stressed out, looking for help understanding things

    I met with my PEBLO for the first time today, and I left with a lot more questions than when I came. I was referred for the meb/peb because of a my back, I have two herniated discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The back issues have caused hip and leg pain on the right side, I had a discectomy on January...
  12. P

    Army stationed on Camp Pendleton Timeline 2019

    P3 Initiated 12/20/2018 Referral/ 2nd signature 01/18/2019 Claims 01/22/2019 Medical exams completed 01/31/2019 I'm an AD soldier stationed on MC Camp Pendleton. If anyone is ever in my situation I can give you a brief synopsis of how your MEB will go. My PEBLO is out of Ft. Irwin I...
  13. B

    What if I do not clear my unit/installation by my retirement date?

    I received my orders to clear and retire due to permanent disability from the army on December 10. Several months ago I had equipment stolen from me and I just started a Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL). My leadership told me that I will not be leaving or going anywhere...
  14. I

    Grave injustice that’s needs to be righted

    I sit here right now, not just as a veteran myself but the wife of an infantry soldier that has been done so wrong, i physically shake as i type this. Husband is on active duty 4 years, infantry soldier, Korea, Iraq for 15 months. Demobs from Iraq and he clearly has seen some very bad things...
  15. T

    Should I try to medboard or stay in through the pain? (Army)

    I have chronic lower back pain. I had a lumbar spinal fracture during BCT that was discovered during AIT and since has healed. I have been in for a little over a year and my back pain has increased since. My pain has only gone up and nothing has helped. I've had so many temporary profiles...
  16. C

    Retirement Orders

    What is typically the timeline to receive your retirement orders? I was placed on PDRL and signed my 199 almost two weeks ago. My PEBLO has kept me in the dark during this whole process and it's been really frustrating. Is there anywhere I can check to see what the status is? I really need to...
  17. F

    MEB for Right Knee (ARMY)

    I just received my first email to start my MEB. My profile is on my right knee but I have other issues going on that may call for an MEB as well (see below). I am curious if those items will be put in the system to be looked at when they decide whether I am fit or unfit for duty. Also, if it...
  18. L


    I will be starting terminal leave February 23rd but I’m still waiting on my leave packet to be signed because of the 20 permissive tdy days my question is while I’m on terminal leave will i receive bah & bas ? How does that work ? I’m single with no dependents
  19. C

    Fort Hood Behavioral Health FFD process

    Hello all, I assume this is the first step to out. One of my Doctors called Tricare and advised them he had concerns and I needed help so that ended in the Army contacting me and requesting my medical records and now what appears to be a permanent profile. I was referred to Fort Hood Behavioral...
  20. Jax8025

    New here!

    Hi everyone :) I’m josh 8 yrs AD army, and I am here looking for answers just like everyone else.
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