1. R

    PDA question

    Hello! I signed my 199 on 10/24 for 30%DOD/80%VA. I recently shot my PEBLO an email regarding that status to whether my packet was at PDA yet because the AKO tracker showed everything as unknown or N/A. It did show everything complete down to PEB counsel. My PEBLO replied I was not at PDA...
  2. V


    Good Afternoon, Looking for some advise. I recently went through the Medboard process. My results as follows; THE BOARD FINDS THE SOLDIER IS PHYSICALLY UNFIT AND RECOMMENDS A RATING OF 60% AND THAT THE SOLDIER'S DISPOSITION BE PERMANENT DISABILITY RETIREMENT. DOD (retired pay) is at 1785.00...
  3. M

    PEB procedural guidance memorandum #18, revised timeline standards for Army disability cases

    Has anyone else seen this memo from PDA, or did they just bury it months ago in a Friday news dump? It would be nice to see the entire process move in this direction. AHRC-D 28 March 2017 MEMORANDUM FOR Presidents, U.S. Army Physical Evaluation Boards...
  4. A

    How long did it take you?

    Hey all, talked to my PEBLO today and she told me that the VA was done with my ratings and we were just waiting for the DOD to make my 199. I'm currently in Hawaii. Any info on how much longer I should be waiting?
  5. U

    National Guard Federal Technician

    I am member of the NG (17 years) and a FedTech. I am also 100% SC P&T by the VA. I was found unfit by the Army with an LOD and have to make a choice on how to proceed, either MEB or Retired Reserves. I do not want to go through the VA ratings again so I am thinking about choosing Retired...
  6. P

    Ft. Riley MEB / PEB Timeline - IG Complaint??

    Hello everyone, I am currently going through the MEB / PEB process. I am looking for answers, and reading many of the posts and threads it seems many of us are running into big delays with the "system migration", "system down" "no updates" and pushing everything far to the right. As it is...
  7. T


    My husband started his MEB process in January because he messed up his hips big time during basic training. He's already signed his NARSUM, was found unfit, and if it counts for anything he's still in IET status. His PEBLO let him know a couple of days ago that the PEB sent his paperwork to the...
  8. Jason Perry

    ePEB is still down

    I appeared yesterday at the FPEB, National Capital Region for a hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing they stated that they would not/could not provide a DA 199 for our review as "ePEB" is still down. They instead provided a THRU Memorandum from me (as counsel) to my client with a short...
  9. T

    Should i be Medically Retired?

    Hey All, I am currently receiving 60% from the VA for ptsd and from my back. I had surgery from a disc that blew out in 2009 as a result of my DDD that i was discharged with. I got 10% for DDD. My doctor recommended Lumbar Kyphosis AND Degenerative Disc Disease without radiculopathy. My...
  10. F

    TLIF & ALIF Spinal Fusion

    I was supposed to have one surgery, a TLIF and cage implant. The surgery took longer than expected and they weren't able to do everything planned. The doctor told me that he was happy with the results and he thought I would be totally fine and set going forward. About a week after the first...
  11. B

    My Experience in Fort Hood

    From Fort Hood: Don’t fret about the timeline, I was in your position, I looked at the ebenefits page at least 10 or more times a day. It seemed to change but not in my favor. Look under work in progress and historical claims, if something appears in historical then your ratings are a few days...
  12. M

    Scoliosis/possible nerve damage

    I was in the guard for two years. I did split option, got a general discharge for not going to AIT withing two years of signing due to gallbladder removal preventing me from shipping. After basic I had hurt my neck and went to a chiropractor who took x-rays and said I had scoliosis (don't...
  13. D

    PTSD NOT being considered for my MEB

    Diagnosed with PTSD and medicated at Bragg after deployment but somehow no paperwork on it is "in the system". I've been on zoloft and mini press for over a year here at Fort Sill prescribed by regular PCM doctor for PTSD. Finally started MEB for airborne injury to foot, ankle, and PTSD. But...
  14. FARMSGT08

    PTSD TDRL Reevaluation Timeline

    I've been using the resources on this site for a little over 2yrs now and figured that if at least one person could benefit from what I post here that would be great. Reevaluated at Ft. Bragg and records sent to PEB National Capital Region, VA. 03 March 2016-Notified of up-coming Army TDRL...
  15. Jason Perry

    Senators to Army: Stop misconduct discharges until review is completed

    From the Army Times: Senators to Army: Stop misconduct discharges until review is completed A group of lawmakers wants the Army to stop discharging soldiers who have been diagnosed with mental health problems because of their service in Iraq or Afghanistan. The move comes one month after the...
  16. Jason Perry

    NBC Bay Area Investigation: "National Guard Line of Duty Investigations Overdue Across the Country"

    Here is the NBC Bay Area story that aired yesterday. I am sure this will resonate with many folks here at the PEB FORUM.!/investigations/investigations/Bigger-Than-California:-National-Guard-Line-of-Duty-Investigations-Overdue-Across-the-Country/352068101
  17. J

    Starting MEB Past 20 years. What should I expect?

    Greetings, I've been lurking on this page for some time now, but am just now posting. First, a little about me. I am Army, I have more than 20 years of service, and I am pretty jacked up. I was more or less pretty fit until about a year ago. Now I have two herniated lower lumbar discs with one...
  18. J

    Fracture/Chapter out

    My boyfriend is currently in basic training and he has a 2 inch fracture in his tibia. He's currently on crutches and he's sitting out, helping the commanders. He's 3 weeks away from his original graduation date. He said he's 99% sure he won't graduate on time. He cannot start training again...
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