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  • Hello Jason :) I'm new to your site and I'm doing some research in regards to my Med. Board. I've been diagnosed with Narcolepsy and the DOD (Navy) wants to give me 10% disability rating. With the information that I've found that is not the correct rating I should be receiving. I see on this website that it's mostly Army personnel. Can I use the information on here to help me even though it is pertaining to Army? I'm in the Navy and I have decided to fight the decision given from Washington. From the infromation that I've found so far I feel I should be rated at least 40%. What do you think?
    Hey Jason,

    Just dropping in to say hi. Had a rough last week, like I told Guy, I am pain free today and I wanna do back flips...lol
    Hey I'm new to this forum and not sure where to go on this. But I did have some questions. I'm trying to figure out how they find the percentage ratings for all of the conditions and I'm looking in places like AR 40-501, AR635-40 and 200, and AR 40-400, but all I find is the category that says what items can be rated and then they have little numbers or codes next to them, where do I go to actually find where these codes are used at or where is specifically states that if this is like that then it gets so much %? And also I was wondering if age really matters about my disability because they have brought it up about how I am still young a few times and also would the fact that I was under the stop loss and injured after my original ets date have an affect on the rating or is there a law against that from the stop loss itself or the 8 year obligation?
    Hey jason,

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I know I haven't been as active as I was, but I try to get on as much as I can between my lovely head pain...
    That forum is old actually. I disabled it because no one posted there. There are a few attorney members here, mainly JAGs. But they rarely post, which is too bad, imho. I accidently turned it back on, but killed it again. I would love to encourage more attorney members, because it may give a different perspective. But I think there just aren't that many out there in this area of law. I know of 3 non-JAGs who regularly work in this area.
    I just saw the new section for lawyers. Does that mean we have a few lawyers who have been looking in? That's good news. :)
    I like this new layout! Honestly, I haven't been on a forum that has used this yet, so I'm still digging around. It looks exciting though. Kind of like a Myspace without all the kids wearing Hot Topic and writing bad poetry.
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