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  • I have sleep apnea w/cpap, lower back, and depression. My Informal Board review came back with Return to Duty. I WANT TO GET OUT OF THE AIR FORCE. I need to bring about enough evidence that they will see me for a formal board. Please Help. I have Unit CC letter, PSychologist, and Supervisor letters as well as my own. What else can I or should I do?
    Glad to hear you are getting settled, yeah your site is a goldmine of knowledge.

    I get slight relief once in awhile, the first thing I do when I get well enough to function is come to your site...:)
    Hey Jason,
    Kind of funny you ask that, it seems because there is usually a few days between my log ons is there is a change on the site...:)

    But I love the layout man, I think it is much more user friendly than previous versions.
    Keep up the good work, your a great American.

    How is life treatin ya buddy?
    Hey Jason,

    Just wanted to let you know I finally got my date for my military neuro at Great Lakes...April 1st I will be there...Ball will be rolling finally...!
    Jason, I am currently in the last few days of my informal PEB, I was informed that my results were returned and before I can be counseled on them, that the PEBLO has to "Update" my MEB forms/package that was sent to the PEB at Walter Reed to mirror the results of the PEB 199 form. This doesn't seem right to me, especially since my MEB packet has already been sent to the VA for the benefits at discharge program. Can you tell me if this exactly legal?
    Hello Jason :) I'm new to your site and I'm doing some research in regards to my Med. Board. I've been diagnosed with Narcolepsy and the DOD (Navy) wants to give me 10% disability rating. With the information that I've found that is not the correct rating I should be receiving. I see on this website that it's mostly Army personnel. Can I use the information on here to help me even though it is pertaining to Army? I'm in the Navy and I have decided to fight the decision given from Washington. From the infromation that I've found so far I feel I should be rated at least 40%. What do you think?
    Hey Jason,

    Just dropping in to say hi. Had a rough last week, like I told Guy, I am pain free today and I wanna do back flips...lol
    Hey I'm new to this forum and not sure where to go on this. But I did have some questions. I'm trying to figure out how they find the percentage ratings for all of the conditions and I'm looking in places like AR 40-501, AR635-40 and 200, and AR 40-400, but all I find is the category that says what items can be rated and then they have little numbers or codes next to them, where do I go to actually find where these codes are used at or where is specifically states that if this is like that then it gets so much %? And also I was wondering if age really matters about my disability because they have brought it up about how I am still young a few times and also would the fact that I was under the stop loss and injured after my original ets date have an affect on the rating or is there a law against that from the stop loss itself or the 8 year obligation?
    Hey jason,

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I know I haven't been as active as I was, but I try to get on as much as I can between my lovely head pain...
    That forum is old actually. I disabled it because no one posted there. There are a few attorney members here, mainly JAGs. But they rarely post, which is too bad, imho. I accidently turned it back on, but killed it again. I would love to encourage more attorney members, because it may give a different perspective. But I think there just aren't that many out there in this area of law. I know of 3 non-JAGs who regularly work in this area.
    I just saw the new section for lawyers. Does that mean we have a few lawyers who have been looking in? That's good news. :)
    I like this new layout! Honestly, I haven't been on a forum that has used this yet, so I'm still digging around. It looks exciting though. Kind of like a Myspace without all the kids wearing Hot Topic and writing bad poetry.
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