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  • Well the LOD/INCAP pay has not been completed or sent. I was told to give them by the close of business tomorrow. I started experiencing some numbness, and weakness on that side. I went to the doctor, and they are saying that I need to go through physical therapy. That means that I will not be able to return to work until I have completed the therapy, and they determine if I will need further therapy or surgery. I was also told by the head of the medical command that I did not receive one of the vaccinations listed in my record. I asked him why would it be in my record, and his reply was that they preloaded the information into the system, and that he has a processing paper that said I should have been waived from getting vaccinations. I informed him that I received two injections, and I asked what I received. The Major stated it really didn't matter what I received, because whatever I received I had an adverse reaction to it. I will try to give them until the end of the week, but I have a family that I have to think about. Why would you preload information into medical record, isn't that like falsifying documentation?
    Hello Jason,

    I have requested incap pay for an illness that was aggravated after I recieved injections.(I had dr's order not to get any immunization, but the Army said differently) My unit has been dragging their feet, and they have not completed an LOD, and only after I requested the number for the JAG officer did they give me the paperwork for the incap pay. I was told they would only cover my medical bills. I have not received any pay (incap or otherwise) and I am not sure if I should drill. I cannot afford to have to pay any money to anybody. I had no problems when I entered into the Army, but within the last year I have developed a hernia, and other illnesses. I have served 6 years total. My guard unit says that I should just go file for social security, but we know how long that process can take, then they said go file for VA benefits, but I do not have a DD214, nor have they given me a potential discharge date. My ets date is in 09, but I want to make sure I complete all necessary paperwork.What should I be doing? I did not get sick until I came home from a training school. I went to my civilian doctor and they could find nothing wrong. It was suggested that I see a counselor. I did, she said she would have to see me several times, but thought it may have been stress or situational depression. Well I ended up passing out, and that is when they found out that it was something wrong with my liver. I am at wits end trying to get assistance from my unit, and the only time they move is when you mention JAG or IG. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS
    i am 30% disabled with VA i have 15 yrs in guard and active duty both. my disability happened when i was on active duty so they are telling me that i get my retirement now. IS that that the case i am going ti the IG tomorrow
    Hey Jason, I have spoken with a soldier that has over 20 NG and was MOBed and injured while MOB but was sent back because he was medically unable to be MOB. His unit said that he was put in for an MEB, but PDA has no record of him. His unit let him ETS (+20 years) and thought he is entitled to 1/2 pay when he reaches 60 but he is in his 40. He wants to get on TDRL but because he has ETS PDA suggest that he submit to ABCMR. What would you suggest he do?
    I have sleep apnea w/cpap, lower back, and depression. My Informal Board review came back with Return to Duty. I WANT TO GET OUT OF THE AIR FORCE. I need to bring about enough evidence that they will see me for a formal board. Please Help. I have Unit CC letter, PSychologist, and Supervisor letters as well as my own. What else can I or should I do?
    Glad to hear you are getting settled, yeah your site is a goldmine of knowledge.

    I get slight relief once in awhile, the first thing I do when I get well enough to function is come to your site...:)
    Hey Jason,
    Kind of funny you ask that, it seems because there is usually a few days between my log ons is there is a change on the site...:)

    But I love the layout man, I think it is much more user friendly than previous versions.
    Keep up the good work, your a great American.

    How is life treatin ya buddy?
    Hey Jason,

    Just wanted to let you know I finally got my date for my military neuro at Great Lakes...April 1st I will be there...Ball will be rolling finally...!
    Jason, I am currently in the last few days of my informal PEB, I was informed that my results were returned and before I can be counseled on them, that the PEBLO has to "Update" my MEB forms/package that was sent to the PEB at Walter Reed to mirror the results of the PEB 199 form. This doesn't seem right to me, especially since my MEB packet has already been sent to the VA for the benefits at discharge program. Can you tell me if this exactly legal?
    Hello Jason :) I'm new to your site and I'm doing some research in regards to my Med. Board. I've been diagnosed with Narcolepsy and the DOD (Navy) wants to give me 10% disability rating. With the information that I've found that is not the correct rating I should be receiving. I see on this website that it's mostly Army personnel. Can I use the information on here to help me even though it is pertaining to Army? I'm in the Navy and I have decided to fight the decision given from Washington. From the infromation that I've found so far I feel I should be rated at least 40%. What do you think?
    Hey Jason,

    Just dropping in to say hi. Had a rough last week, like I told Guy, I am pain free today and I wanna do back
    Hey I'm new to this forum and not sure where to go on this. But I did have some questions. I'm trying to figure out how they find the percentage ratings for all of the conditions and I'm looking in places like AR 40-501, AR635-40 and 200, and AR 40-400, but all I find is the category that says what items can be rated and then they have little numbers or codes next to them, where do I go to actually find where these codes are used at or where is specifically states that if this is like that then it gets so much %? And also I was wondering if age really matters about my disability because they have brought it up about how I am still young a few times and also would the fact that I was under the stop loss and injured after my original ets date have an affect on the rating or is there a law against that from the stop loss itself or the 8 year obligation?
    Hey jason,

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I know I haven't been as active as I was, but I try to get on as much as I can between my lovely head pain...
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