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    How long does it take to get a new revised DD214?

    4 days ago I got the letter from the BCNR stating that they changed my re4 code to an re3g. Unfortunately, the recruiter doesn’t care or want the letter. He wants my new dd214 showing that it got changed. How long does it take to get that new dd214? The decision was officially made on May 1st.
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    My decision came in. My navy BCNR timeline.

    Hello, after a long while I finally got some relief. February 12, 2019: sent in my case. next week: got a email detailing that they got my case and my docket number. January 28, 2020: I got my Advisory Opinion. April 16, 2020: my case went through a Final Legal Review. May 1st, 2020: A...
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    BCNR: still waiting......

    As of now I’ve been a little over the 15 month mark. I’ve been diligently waiting on the BCNR to give me a final decision so I can get on with my life and rejoin the military. I got laid off not too long ago and I have nowhere to go. the last ive heard is that I got my case to go through a...
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    How long does a BCNR adjudication take?

    Last week I got a response to my congressional inquiry about the status of my case. Which at this point has been at the BCNR for 14 months and 3 weeks now. They told me that on April 16 they did a final legal review. They told me the next step is adjudication and then a decision will be made and...
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    The BCNR responded to my congressional inquiry

    Hello, today I got a response from the BCNR in regards to my case. The BCNR said that on April 16th, 2020 they did what they called a final legal review. Then it talked about how they will be adjudicating it and then sign off on it by the director. They made it sound like I’m not very far away...
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    BCNR update

    So after 14.5 months as of today I still haven’t heard anything back from the BCNR. I started this process on 02/12/2019. This virus has also slowed down everything over there. I still don’t have a number or a way to contact them. Pretty much any phone number I do come across no one answers or...
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    Is it true that the BCNR isn’t going to be at work until May 30th?

    I just heard from someone that the BCNR is not going to be at work processing paperwork and cases for the next 5 weeks due to this virus outbreak. Is this true?
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    14 months and counting with the BCNR......

    So it’s been 14 months now and I’m getting fed up with this. I feel like this gonna be one of those over 18 month cases. Especially with this virus outbreak happening. They still won’t give me an update on my case. I just don’t know what to do anymore.
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    I finally got my congressional inquiry sent to the BCNR.

    So after a delay due to this coronavirus I got my congressional sent to find out where my case is. I don’t get why I just can’t get a straight forward answer to my emails but that’s how this clock ticks. Why have an email and a phone number if you’re not gonna respond to it?
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    Has the BCNR gone back to work yet? Or are they doing everything remotely from home?

    So I was wondering if the BCNR has gone back to work yet? Or if they’re still processing and making decisions from home?
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    Appeal of ratings

    I was rated at 70% VA and 0% DOD. I have a genetic condition that the VA rated since it may have been “aggregated” by my service. The DOD found the opposite, saying that it was the normal progression of the disease. My attorney recommended an appeal because it “couldn’t hurt”. Today I found that...
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    Is it possible to sue or hold a military doctor if you prove that they misdiagnosed you?

    Hello, I’m curious about something that’s been rattling in the back of my mind for a while now. If I prove through the BCNR that the adjustment disorder I was diagnosed with in the Navy was wrong, along with getting an RE4 code for it. Can I sue or hold the doctor who did it responsible?
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    Has coronavirus affected the BCNR process?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how this virus has affected peoples cases and the BCNR processing and making decisions? Are they taking a vacation and not going to work because of it?
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    Email from the BCNR. Confirming they got my advisory opinion rebuttal. What’s next?

    So I got a email today from the BCNR. The email stated they got my rebuttal and the put my paperwork back in the que for further processing. I’m hoping that means that they’re continuing further with making a decision. It would really help me out if I could get an exact answer instead of telling...
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    I am on the TDRL. I have exhausted all appeals to be transferred to PDRL. It has been 3 months since the decision. I haven't heard anything from personnel or gotten orders to be separated. Any idea what might be going on? I need to get something before I can appeal to the Board of Corrections.
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    My husband is a Vietnam Vet/Marine. We are currently waiting on OTH upgrade decision from BCNR based on PTSD/TBI. He has not received any advisory decisions for comment. I received e-mail update advising that the board has made it's recommendations and his file is now in legal review. This...
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    Case Transfered From DRB to BCNR?

    Hello all. I filed a case with the DRB (Discharge Review Board) in July ‘17 trying to get my administrative discharge changed to a medical discharge (after looking back over my medical records I discovered they diagnosed me with being in perimenopause, which is story I will post about later)...
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    Increased VA disability rating and a petition for transfer to PDRL

    I was separated from active duty in 1967 following an TBI. My rating was 10%. Over the years, my service-connected condition has worsened, resulting in an increased rating from the VA of 43%. My VSO has appealed this rating. I petitioned the Navy Personnel’s Assistant for BCNR Matters to...
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    Screwed up, Where to go from here?

    During my IDES process, I was horribly misinformed. I didn't do my research and believed everything my PEBLO told me. This was no one's fault but my own. But as I transitioned out, with severance at 10DOD/80VA, I found this forum and am stunned by how much I could have fought to change the...
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    Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)

    If requesting for correction to unfitting DOD conditions %, increased by the VA rating increases, recent post discharge, BCNR seems appropriate. However, are there any risks associated with asking them to reconsider your DOD %? Such as take conditions away, revert from PDRL to TDRL, etc...
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