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    I finally got my congressional inquiry sent to the BCNR.

    So after a delay due to this coronavirus I got my congressional sent to find out where my case is. I don’t get why I just can’t get a straight forward answer to my emails but that’s how this clock ticks. Why have an email and a phone number if you’re not gonna respond to it?
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    Survival Benefit Plan

    Hey y'all. Hope someone could possibly shed some light on some things. When retiring I was asked if I wanted to opt into the Survival Benefit Plan (SBP) or not. At the time, I figured $15 a month couldn't hurt and it sounded like a good idea. However, since I no longer receive Army Retired...
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    SSDI Dependent Benefits Question

    Hi - My husband was recently approved for SSDI and we are trying to find out where we find record of dependent benefits. Can anyone help me figure this out before I call SSA and wait on hold forever? Thank you in advance!
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    Temporary to permanent retirement

    I was put on tdrl at 100% and recently had another exam where they are trying to put me on permanent retirement. It is great since I don't have to go more exams. The only thing is that they have changed it from 100% to 40%. What does that change for me and my family being being changed from...
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    Tricare Benefits if 100% TDRL rating is reduced to lower PDRL rating

    I currently am rated 100% by the VA and 100% for TDRL, but I fear that my lack of treatment compliance with regular doctor visits in the last two years will almost certainly reduce my PDRL rating substantially, if they even deem me worthy of PDRL status at all. Accordingly, I have three...
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    Veterans Medical ID Benefit

    Hello everyone, Veterans can receive a free medical ID. While this benefit is not widely advertised, we hope to share this guide on claiming free medical alert bracelets and necklaces for veterans. Kindly refer to this infographic which we produced to build awareness of this VA program...
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    Questions regarding Meniere's Disease

    Hi. hoping for some answers. USAF veteran separated 07/1984. While on active duty I was a Security Specialist and stood guard in close proximity to F-15's and F-104's. I have recently requested my medical records from DOD, but have not received them yet. I cannot remember if I was ever treated...
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    Non-Linear Career Paths and VR&E

    After meeting with my Voc Rehab counselor, it seems like Voc Rehab isn't that useful for veterans who want to take a non-linear career path. Since Voc Rehab benefits are so dependent on what your counselor decides to do for you, I'm about to not use it at all. Since I don't want to go back to...
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    Confused about retirement/VA pay

    I keep hearing conflicting information about disability pay. Since I'm going to be permanently retired, do I get my VA paycheck AND a disability paycheck+retirement benefits or just the VA paycheck with the retirement benefits?
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    SAFPC Findings and Recommended Disposition of USAF PEB

    Hello, I'm so confused and this has been a long process, but now things are moving super fast. So I received notification of being placed on Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL). I'm confused on how this affects my future going forward and what happens with my dependent. My spouse is...
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    TDRL to PDLR question

    Hi Everyone! My situation: I have 18 yrs of active service in the Army. I am have been told by my doc that I've met MDRP and will be submitted to the med-board process. I know that based on my condition that I'll most likely be placed on the TDRL (PTSD, TBI, Cognitive Disorder/Memory, &...
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