1. O

    NEW IDES Timeline 23 July 2019

    DTM pdf original IDES timeline pdf has key info highlighted for easier reading
  2. O

    DTM-18-004 Revised IDES Timeline Change 1

    DTM-18-004 is the same as IDES timeline, except I have highlighted some key information on the IDES pdf..
  3. D

    Will IDES affect current VA rating?

    I am an army reservist in the process of be put through MEB. I was deployed to Iraq in 2016 and suffered injuries. I returned home and recieved an 80 percent disability rating from the va. I was given the choice between IDES or LDES. I was warned that IDES could lower my current va rating. From...
  4. aliceaje

    So Conflicting EMG Exams on Referred condition... Reassure me please.

    Ok, so did me PSO C&P this past Mon, and did my PHY C&P this morning. During this morning's exam, as she was going through the various statements by doctors, profiles, etc, she noted that a military doctor at BAMC gave me a EMG that came back normal, which contradicted my primary Neurologists'...
  5. D

    Can the VA C&P change my diagnosis? BP I vs BP II.

    19yr Navy, was diagnosed in MAR of 2018 w/ BP I after a 10 day hospitalization (1st BP event was in 2013 but un-diagnosed). After 2 x LIMDU was referred to the IDES w/ BP I, PTSD, & TBI. Just received my C&Ps from the VA today and the VA examiner changed my diagnosis from BP I (most recent...
  6. T


    I am going through the IDES process here on Bragg. I signed my NARSUM 13 June 2019 and it was sent up 14 June 2019. Anyone been through the process that can tell me what to expect next and about when to expect it? Or can you share your timelines so I can get an estimate? My wife is due 14...
  7. Y

    PEBLO not doing his job

    Good evening, I posted here a while ago about possibly being placed on a med board from a service academy. I got placed on the board finally (I think). I got placed on administrative leave without pay and placed through the IDES system because of prior service. The Naval Academy was quick to...
  8. T

    Navy IDES Timeline - NBK Bremerton

    Hello all, I'll post my timeline thus far and a bit of background information. Hopefully it helps someone out. Referred conditions: Migraine headaches, PTSD, Unspecified Anxiety Disorder September 2018 - Med Board initiated. February 2019 - NARSUM completed and package sent off to DOD...
  9. E

    MEB for Bipolar II disorder

    I was told I may get Medically retired do to my MEB being 2 different diagnoses but they took one diagnose off and just Med boarding me for Bipolar II disorder. So now may get medically separated but its still possible that i get medically retired. What should I expect? I finished both my C&P...
  10. T

    VA Disability Back Pay

    I feel like I already know the answer to this but want to confirm because I feel like a fellow soldier told me wrong. I am going through the IDES/MEB/PEB process currently. I filed my letter with intent to file a claim with the VA in June of 2018 but just now starting the VA Disability claim as...
  11. B

    Unofficial Findings??

    I was found unfit on March 23rd 2019, Does anyone know anything about PEBLOs being able to view unofficial findings? Someone in my division told me their PEBLO or IDES attorney could look at their unofficial findings after they were found unfit. Any light shed on this is greatly appreciated...
  12. M

    Request for Information IDES

    AGR National Guard, referred to IDES for herniated disc & PTSD. Have LOD for motorcycle accident and PTSD. 26 years over 20 active. Tricare Prime Remote. Should I have my primary care physician (PCP) complete DBQs and upload to the VA website? Would my PCP do the NARSUM? My Psychiatrist could...
  13. E

    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    Hi All, I was found unfit (didn't fight the IRILO and chose IDES) and my VA claim was filed on 15 JAN 19. My PEBLO estimated I would be out by end of April but there's no way that's going to happen at this point and I have a job in Dallas with a 1 JUN start date. I've been pretty patience up...
  14. N

    MEB personal statement

    Hello everyone, I have just started the whole MEB process two weeks ago. I met with my attorney and he informed me not to write a personal statement. I then attended a DTAPS class where they told all of us that we should submit a personal statement after they found out most of our attorneys...
  15. J

    Timeline Question:

    20 Dec 2018 - Medical board case has been referred to the PEB for action on MOL 4 Mar 2019 - Package signed and sent to PEB Does this mean I was already found unfit? If not, how long will it take to find out?
  16. C


    Hello all, my VA claims were submitted in October (started 10/02 ended 10/29 with appointments and everything submitted) I was found UNFIT December 31 My Ebenefits completion dates estimated March 2019- June 2019 but today I checked and it is now April 2019- June 2019 Does anybody have any...
  17. B

    UPDATE: Received findings back on Monday

    This is an update to my previous post found here. TL;DR: I was put on a MEDBOARD by my orthopedic surgeon on 11 July, 2018 after a failed labral repair surgery of my right hip. I received my finding back from the VA and PEB on Monday 28 January. I was found unfit for duty. The DoD is...
  18. C


    Hello All! I was wondering if anyone can give any insight as to where I would be in my process I started everything in October and finished and got my PEB submitted in December. I have done all C&P Exams and reviewed my notes and the last time I talked to my VA rep she said that It has...
  19. I

    MEB process started for asthma

    I just had an MEB initiated for asthma. I am at over 15 years and feel like I am about to be completely railroaded as I think they will only bring me back at 10%, screwing me out of retirement and leaving me jobless at the upper end of my thirties. Some background - My PCM thought I may have...
  20. T


    I served 5 years active duty at ft hood and did two tours to Afghanistan. I have been blown up and have a blown disc (been issued a back brace and medication) have very bad PTSD and have panic attack multiple times a week.been diagnosed with a serious depression and anxiety. I switch to the...
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