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    Navy / USMC

    Try to stay positive my fellow Navy and USMC stuck waiting. It sucks but we're in it together. What is the most recent PEB submission you guys have heard?
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    Timeline for findings

    If I sent my package to the IPEB on April 19 but it was accepted by the IPEB on May 3 do I count from the day it was sent or the day it was accepted? I've been confused on this. Thank you for any info you can provide!
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    Navy Timeline

    Does anyone know the current average timeline for Navy IPEB's? Obviously we were told 4-6 weeks, but that hasn't happened for anyone that I've seen. I am at 14 weeks & am still waiting.
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    Navy ipeb findings

    I know there are some people regularly posting about waiting on their navy ipeb findings. Does anyone know any people who have received their results at their command or in the forum, and if so how long did it take them? I've heard it's taking some people 10-12 weeks, some 12-14 weeks, and...
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    Good news

    Someone give some good news! Anyone know the average time line right now for Navy/Marine ipeb results?
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    Good news

    Someone give some good news! Anyone know the average time line right now for Navy/Marine ipeb results?
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    Process after you accept your PEB findings (USMC)

    So, you finally sat with your PEBLO and signed and accepted your final PEB findings.. Now what? See my experience below: Please ensure that after you sign and accept your PEB final findings, that if 10 days go by and you have not received your new EAS, that you give your PEBLO a call and...
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    How are new EAS calculated by MMSR-4?

    I signed my IPEB findings April 2nd, 2020, have not received new EAS as of yet (April 29th). How will my new EAS be calculated by MMSR-4?
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    Signed IPEB findings.. Now what? (USMC)

    On April 2nd, 2020, I was called by my PEBLO to finally go over the IPEB's findings of my package. The VA rated me at 90% and DOD rated me at 10% for torn hip labrum which I had to get surgery for. I accepted the finding and did not rebut to go to a FPEB. It is now April 26, 2020 and i have not...
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    How do additional disabilities get added to PEB

    So I am more than likely going to be referred to a PEB here soon for chronic migraines. With that said, it looks like if my case gets sent to a PEB they will evaluate more than just what I’m being boarded for. Is this correct? I also have sleep apnea (with CPAP), depression, and anxiety. What is...
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    Have any Marines been found unfit for chronic Migraines?

    Ok guys I’m about 1-2 months from my dr referring me to a PEB if the current round of migraine treatments don’t work. At the moment I am taking propranolol, sumatriptan, receiving Botox, and receiving occipital nerve blocks. I have been having these for the past year and my doctor said what...
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    Can you be referred to a PEB because of adverse side effects of meds?

    I posted a slightly longer version of this elsewhere, but thought the length might have scared people off. Basically my migraine meds might work, but I gained a lot of weight and can’t meet pt standards due to shortness of breath with even the slightest it of running. Am I still looking at a PEB?
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    Residual side effects make me unable to meet physical fitness standards. How could this affect me?

    Hey everyone, I have been reading this forum for a while now and decided to post a question of my own. For the last year I have been with 15-20 migraines a month, and as of July have been on LIMDU. I have been told that if I am not better by January they will initiate a PEB. That part doesn't...
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    Almost 3yrs now waiting on the PDBR. Help

    So here it is. My husband is medically discharged from the Marine Corp since 2007. In Feb 2017 we got a letter ftom the PDBR about a relook. We filled it out and figured we wait. March of 2019 he received and email saying a decision was made and we would receive our answer by mail. We thought...
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    Possible Error in Medical Retirement.

    Hi, everyone. I am new here, but I have a few questions regarding a situation. It is kind of complicated, so please bear with me on explaining a few of the details. I joined the Marine Corps in 2010 and in the winter of 2012, I became depressed due to work and relationship reasons (I found out...
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    Severance Pay Timeline??

    Hello all! My EAS was 20190330 and I was wondering when is an accurate time frame to be seeing my Severance Pay and sold leave in my account? I can’t find a timeline anywhere and it would just be nice to know. Thank you :)
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    PEB Timeline Question

    October 24, 2018- Received referral for Med Board October 30, 2018- Received IDES Brief and met with PEBLO October 31, 2018- Met with Med board attorney November 11, 2018- Conducted General Medical VA C&P exam November 19, 2018- Conducted Mental Health C&P Exam January 11, 2019- Package mailed...
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    Hello all, my VA claims were submitted in October (started 10/02 ended 10/29 with appointments and everything submitted) I was found UNFIT December 31 My Ebenefits completion dates estimated March 2019- June 2019 but today I checked and it is now April 2019- June 2019 Does anybody have any...
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    Coming up on original EAS?

    I am about 80 days until my original EAS date from the Marine Corps, and currently going through the IDES. My package just recently was closed out from the VA and have not heard back from Washington. I know I still have some time left in the process, and know I will eventually get auto extended...
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    Timeline for VA

    I was just wondering if anyone had any idea on the process the VA takes when doing ratings. My case has been at the VA for about 40 days now and about 7 days ago my claim had movement. I contacted the VA and they said they had finished my proposed ratings and sent them to the PEB. But I...