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navy peb timeline

  1. E

    IDES Timeline

    Hi y'all, this is my current timeline with the PEB process thus far. 29JUL2021 - referred to MEB 10AUG2021 - NPQ chit issued for removal from Nuclear Pipeline 20AUG2021 - C&P exams scheduled 03SEP2021 - C&P exams completed 13SEP2021 - C&P exams uploaded 15SEP2021 - Doctor wrote and signed...
  2. downandoutsailor21

    Navy: MH Timeline thus far

    Medical Board Time line Does anyone have an estimate on how long or when I may be out of the Navy? I’m trying to stay strong, but every day just gets to me. This is my current timeline. June 5th 2020 - Started being seen for referred condition February 22nd 2021- Placed on LIMDU May 13th...
  3. G

    Great Lakes TSC: Estimates

    Afternoon! Question: How long to exit the Navy if my PEB board was submitted late December. (If found unfit of course ) I was told 4-6 weeks for fit or unfit/findings then as you know 90 days after that a leave date? Lawyer said it’s “often less than that at Great Lakes” and was wondering if...
  4. M

    PTSD IDES Timeline at NMC Portsmouth

    Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums for awhile and I figured I should post my timeline to help others who have started this process. 02JAN19- Put on LIMDU for PTSD MAY19- Provider recommended MEB My provider was a contractor/civilian who just began working with Navy medicine and I was...
  5. N

    Navy Timeline Ankylosing Spondylitis and Bi Hip FAI

    Hello everyone! Thank you all for the support and knowledge, it has been immensely helpful over these last several months. I am active duty Navy with 9.5 years of service. At the begging of 2019 I was diagnosed with bilateral femoroacetabular impingement for both hips (the left was worst). I...
  6. L

    Separation Orders

    I signed for my Findings today, and was curious how long it usual takes to receive a separation date and orders so I can drop my PTAD and Terminal Leave?
  7. C

    MDD Timeline

    I’m still waiting to sign my Narsum and I’m at a loss as to what is taking so long. My PEBLO isn’t communicating with me and I’m getting anxious. I know it’s a process and I know it’s going to take time. I would just like to be more informed. Diagnosed MDD 16Apr19 First Limdu May19 Med board...
  8. H


    E-6, Navy,8 years of service. Referred to MEB 10/7, meet with PEBLO 10/15. 2 psychs and 1 other issue what timeline am I looking at ?
  9. A

    Long Haul

    Just thought I’d put my timeline out there for everyone and to give some hope for anyone filing a PFR. I hadn’t seen too many posts on here about successful PFRs or the turnaround time (at least I couldn’t find many with the search feature) and I know a lot of people aren’t well versed in their...
  10. 138MISFIT

    My timeline

    SEP 9th 2017: package was sent off to the PEB. NOV 19th 2017: VA has claim, but has not rated. My question is how do I check to see where my package is at currently in the PEB process. I've seen the number on this site to check on it's process but that number doesn't seem to work and only gots...
  11. V

    VA timeline

    I just called PEB today and told me they submitted my package to the VA and called the VA after and was told they received my package on 23 July 2017. My question is how long do it take for the VA to do the ratings and comes back to the PEB and also with my package being sent to the VA does that...
  12. W

    Almost done (My Case Timeline)

    Hey everyone, been following the forum for a little while and I understand how frustrating and awful the entire MEB/PEB process is. I just created an account for the sole purpose of listing my entire timeline, in hopes that it will help someone. Please feel free to ask any questions. The first...
  13. H

    Navy - How long should I expect before I hear my discharge date?

    I signed my board findings the other day. Thank you to anyone who helped me along with this process, I'll be sep/severance pay. How long do you think it will be until I get my official separation date (I requested 28Mar17) so I can actually complete all of this paperwork I have? I pushed out...
  14. D

    My IDES Timeline

    MEB- 29 May 15 1st VA appointment - 11 Jun 15 2nd VA appointment - 23 Jun 15 Signed package - 27 July 15 PEB received my package - 3 Aug 15 Now, I'm just waiting. My eBenefits just says Gathering of Evidence. Does it usually take over a month for the PEB to decide if you are Fit ot Unfit? Other...