1. H

    Combat Retired TDRL/PDRL Military - GS Job Advice

    Hello All, I wanted to share some advice that I have for MEB Boards and being combat injury retired. 1) Your base pay is totally tax free. If they tax you here is the link from DFAS. https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/manage/taxes/isittaxable.html 2) If you apply for a GS job then it’s...
  2. Z

    Choices available

    If the referring condition comes back at 30% or more and you are at 15 years of service; can you elect to deny the retirement and choose the severance? I understand all the benefits but looking at all options for my family right now.
  3. U

    TDRL re-evaluation affecting VA rating

    Good evening, all, I was medically separated a little over two years ago from the USMC and placed on the TDRL for mental health. I was rated 70% by the DoD for my mental health condition and 100% by the VA for a combination of conditions. In April I had my first re-evaluation. The civilian I...
  4. M


    I am on the TDRL. I have exhausted all appeals to be transferred to PDRL. It has been 3 months since the decision. I haven't heard anything from personnel or gotten orders to be separated. Any idea what might be going on? I need to get something before I can appeal to the Board of Corrections.
  5. W

    Question about 100% VA disability with SMC-S

    To start off, I was medically retired, TDRL, September of 2017. IDES found me unfit, and the VA rated my referring condition at 100%. When I got my formal letter in the mail after I retired, my other conditions totaled over 60%, so I then was eligible for SMC-S. I have a few questions about all...
  6. P

    TFSC says, therefore the member is not eligible to receive a retirement DD 214

    All, So, my IDES LOD from 2010 and reoccurrence in 2015, is complete and I have a DOD 60% rating and retirement orders effective 31DEC18. I am Air National Guard and in drill status since coming off MEDCON orders in JUL2012. Today (19DEC18) I get the email listed below. Not sure what it means...
  7. CorazonDeOro

    AFBCMR questions - PDRL

    Hey all, I'm about 18 months into the BCMR process, having received all favorable advisory opinions. Both opinions recommended MEB/PDRL/30%. Hopefully, I'm close to a board decision, but you know how that goes. In any case, I have questions: 1) I am not eligible for either CRDP (11 years TIS)...
  8. Aub24G

    TDRL to PDRL

    Hello! I read this forum frequently and I am going to lay my question out as clear as possible! Bear with me Placed on TDRL for PTSD/MDD @ 50% DOD Total combined rating with the VA 80% (30% tension headaches, 10% back condition, 10% wrist condition, 10% hip condition) I received my letter...
  9. C

    Retirement Orders

    What is typically the timeline to receive your retirement orders? I was placed on PDRL and signed my 199 almost two weeks ago. My PEBLO has kept me in the dark during this whole process and it's been really frustrating. Is there anywhere I can check to see what the status is? I really need to...
  10. SCWO19

    IPEB Memo

    Received the IPEB memo today from my PEBLO. States unfitting: PTSD and major depressive disorder recurrent. From what I've read and heard, it's difficult to go straight to PDR with behavioral healthl issues, but I've been treated for this for approximately 5 years. Does the usage of...
  11. K

    Increased VA disability rating and a petition for transfer to PDRL

    I was separated from active duty in 1967 following an TBI. My rating was 10%. Over the years, my service-connected condition has worsened, resulting in an increased rating from the VA of 43%. My VSO has appealed this rating. I petitioned the Navy Personnel’s Assistant for BCNR Matters to...
  12. P

    EAS'd as PDRL but got TDRL Exam Orders

    First, I want to thank this PEB board for the help in my successful medical board last year. I was assigned to the PDRL with 50% DOD and 100% VA in November 2016. However, I received a letter from HQMC TDRL board telling me to make an appointment as part of my routine 18 month TDRL...
  13. jeremymays92

    Question on TDRL Re-Exam & VA C&P Exam Process?

    I just received a phone call that I am being scheduled for a 2nd VA C&P Exam on February 22nd. Just 3 weeks ago I was re-evaluated for the 1st time by the Air Force since I was placed on TDRL. The Doctor told me their recommendation and that it was to remain at 100%, permanent retirement and...
  14. P


    Hello, I'm new to the PEB forum. I have my first TDRL reevaluation coming up, I've been in several Medications (9 different pills day) for over 3 years. Does the TDRL Reevaluation checks if you are taking them or not? Sometimes I just take five or six of them. Not smoke, drink or illegal drugs...
  15. djkarmoso

    DoD Rating Higher than VA

    My question is: If was on TDRL and after my reevaluation I was placed on PDRL (70% DoD.) Currently I'm 100% VA Scheduler. What happens if the VA does a reevaluation couple of years later and lower my rating to 60 or 50%. I've waived my DoD payment since the VA was higher. What can I do if the...
  16. L

    TDRL for 10yrs without ever doing the 18mo or 5yr examination

    I was placed on TDRL from the Navy in November of 2006. I was rated 30% by the military and 60% by the VA. I was on TDRL for the first 5 years and then it suddenly stopped and my Tricare cut out too. I never got a phone call or any mail to tell me to schedule an appointment for the 18mo...
  17. NavyVeteran

    5 Years on TDRL now what?

    Me: -Navy Veteran of 6 years -Placed on TDRL on 08-1-2012 -DOD rated at 60%, VA at 100% -Opted out on DOD paycheck so I would receive all from VA -Had 1 physical examination done for three of my conditions - all three the % was increased -Currently at 100% with the VA -Condition found unfit...
  18. Y


    Could someone answer my questions and recommend my best coars of action? Situation: Marine Rating just downgraded: Prior to the board: TDRL 70%//VA 70% BIPOLAR DISORDER MIXED MODERATE TO SEVERE After 18 months I was told that there was no need for a physical evaluation because "they found a...
  19. M

    Help: Upcoming TDRL Re-evaluation Board

    Hello, I have a question regarding the TDRL re-evaluation board. How long do they usually take from the moment you are notified to the moment you receive your new rating? Also what is the chance that I'll lose my rating and health insurance? Last September, I was placed on TDRL then...
  20. Bartmarc73

    Call IG for a case of command Butt Dragging?

    (army reserve) Heres my timeline: May 2015: receive permanent profile for injuries sustained during my active duty time (before I went to reserves) November 2015: Commander fills out and submits form to ARMMC between 11/15 and 6/16 nothing else happens between command and ARMMC. I am in...
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