1. J

    Proposed VA rating while being ABCMR’d

    I am now waiting for PEB to respond, I sent them DD3947 and NARSUM letter through PEBLO officer, the counselor informed me yesterday that PEB will send me a VA proposed rating but I told him that I already got my rating through the VA three years ago, can anyone shed light on this topic?
  2. T

    Closed Claim Confusion

    Both the closed claim and the one that looks like it is still open we’re both submitted on the same date. I have only seen one of these claims dated for the 23rd of March until a few days ago. I am currently going through IDES and was curious if this is something others have seen, or did they...
  3. B

    Clueless, need help.

    Hello all! So I have a timeline (sort of) of everything so far but I need some clarification. First, here's my "timeline" 12/11/2019- Psychiatrist helps fill out NARSUM 12/16/2019- PEBLO notified me about my code 37 12/18/2019- CC Reccomendation signed and submitted 1/10/2020- Case reviewed by...
  4. R

    Fit or unfit?

    How often do PEBs find soldiers fit for duty. I’ve been reading a lot about how they qualify a person to be fit or unfit. But In reality do they keep more people in or do they deem them unfit majority of the time?
  5. Hawaii5-0

    NEW AF guidance-Med Standards Directory Sep 19

    Here is the New MSD (SEP 19) as well as 36-3212 & 41-210. I'm including the PEBLO/IRILO/MED hold forms just for your awareness.
  6. MattCollins7

    MEB/PEB Timeline YouTube channel?!

    This is something I have been contemplating for some time now but I figured I would get ya'lls take on it before I pulled the trigger. Something I have struggled to find, outside of this forum, was video based content on the process that is MEB/PEB's. I've been considering starting a YouTube...
  7. B

    Surgery during MEB process

    I am currently in a geographically separated unit, on AGR orders with the Air Force Reserve and see civilian doctors. I’ve been in the AF DES process since 31 Oct 2018. I’m being evaluated for multiple lumbar issues to include severe degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, multiple bilateral...
  8. Y

    PEBLO not doing his job

    Good evening, I posted here a while ago about possibly being placed on a med board from a service academy. I got placed on the board finally (I think). I got placed on administrative leave without pay and placed through the IDES system because of prior service. The Naval Academy was quick to...
  9. A

    Med board and surgery

    My husband has just started the process for the med board. He did not meet the PEBLO yet but he received the Memorandum that explains several policies. He had a surgery scheduled for yesterday and it was approved by his medical provider for the varicocele. Today a person from PEBLO called to...
  10. M

    Request for Information IDES

    AGR National Guard, referred to IDES for herniated disc & PTSD. Have LOD for motorcycle accident and PTSD. 26 years over 20 active. Tricare Prime Remote. Should I have my primary care physician (PCP) complete DBQs and upload to the VA website? Would my PCP do the NARSUM? My Psychiatrist could...
  11. N

    Info for those with TMJD or TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction)

    Hi to everyone! I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I decided to do this thread due to not finding anyone or at least me not finding anything for TMJ cases for MEB/PEB around the site. I know how it feels to stress and rev up the anxiety in doing the whole process and the long...
  12. J

    MEB no PEBLO?

    Hi all I am new to this site, I was notified I was undergoing an MEB 10 months ago but have not been introduced to a PEBLO and have not been updated on the MEB status since. Please see my other post here. Any input is appreciated...
  13. B

    Incomplete MEB, Separated Honorable Discharge- Medical Retirement?

    Unfortunately developed Cardio condition with ventricular arrhythmia and depression while active duty. Palaced-Chased to the Reserves, then tore achilles tendon. MEB clerk stated, "You should have MEB/Medical Retired while active, how did you transfer to reserves?" Was then placed on medical...
  14. K

    Questioning MEB process accuracy

    Hello all, I have been in the MEB process for about 2 months now for an ACL tear at the end of January. I have some questions regarding my situation because I believe there are some important issues here. So, as I stated above, I had a complete ACL/Meniscus tear in January. I had surgery in...
  15. Tin3yT3ch

    My PCM doesn'tlike what my C&P mental health exam says...

    Hello All, I've been on this website everyday for about 6 months. I've studied almost every thread imaginable so I haven't been caught off guard by any steps in my MEB, you guys have kept me informed. So here's my background: After 9yrs of being seen by MH I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1...
  16. B

    Timeline and waiting since August 2017

    I have been in this process since August 2017 after being found unfit to deploy for mental health issues. Long story short my package made it to AFPC March 7 and the VA is done with my ratings in march. How much longer should I expect to wait. My PEBLO hasnt told me what my VA ratings are and...
  17. H

    HELP!! Got my findings back Monday..

    I am an active duty Army with 4 years of service.. Met with my peggy on Monday and got the following Findings: 90% DOD TDRL and 100% VA (along with a letter together with a form, from the VA that is suggesting that I should file a separate claim for eustachian tube dysfunction). I must admit I...
  18. bostonian94

    I need some advice on my MEB case.

    I am active duty Air Force reaching my two year mark in May, and I have little to no guidance from my providers or command on how the medboard process works. My MEB was submitted around August 2017, finally got in touch with my PEBLO in late November. I signed the paperwork agreeing to the...
  19. A

    19 YEARS 11 MONTHS 25 DAYS

    So...... I've signed my 199 and found out my reserve unit has not been cutting orders for my medical appointments, training or therapy appointments like they said they were doing for the past three years. I'm 100% P&T VA. I was told they were only cutting orders for points since the VA takes the...
  20. N

    Recieved my ratings! Please help

    I sat down with my PEBLO today, and my ratings turned out great. 70% DOD/ 90% VA. there was only a problem with one of my VA claimed conditions. I would like to get it changed before the VA proposed decision goes implemented. How do I go about changing this information on my VA claim before I...
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