1. P

    VA ratings guidance

    Not sure if this has been posted in here before but holy crap this literally answers so many questions in regards to the VA and ratings and Im glad I came across it. Have a look https://www.nap.edu/read/11885/chapter/7
  2. B

    Unofficial Findings??

    I was found unfit on March 23rd 2019, Does anyone know anything about PEBLOs being able to view unofficial findings? Someone in my division told me their PEBLO or IDES attorney could look at their unofficial findings after they were found unfit. Any light shed on this is greatly appreciated...
  3. D

    CRSC and Hazardous Duty

    All, I was just made aware through a prior colleague of mine that CRSC isn't restricted to Combative Theater sustained injuries; special operations and hazardous duty qualifies as well. I am mid-stride in MEB/PEB process currently and, like many, I am seeking to maximize the financial position...
  4. S

    Getting a MEB in AIT

    Hey everyone I’m currently in AIT and just found out I’m getting a MEB and had a couple questions. Will they be looking at my civilian medical files or are they irrelevant? Can I have family visit me on post? Can I use leave to go home? How are the ratings grades? I’ve heard the process...
  5. L

    Lots of questions please advise!

    Long story short ive been going through the PEB process and am still currently. Both my Peblo and Attorny advised me to check in with them in the begining of July for an update on where my package was. I got a bit anxious and decided to call them a few days ago. My attorny said that my package...
  6. K

    Psoriatic Arthritis and upcoming IRILO/MEB

    USAF for 15 years I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis after years or joint pain in my wrist, low back pain and now starting in my feet; nail pitting and separation, and scalp psoriasis. Rheumatologist put me on methotrexate in December and no improvement upon my follow up. I am now being...
  7. G

    Chapter 14-12a after found physically unfit.

    Bear with me for just a minute. In may I was referred to the MEB and have since completed most of the process. I am now almost done, my ratings should be in any day now, and my 1st SGT is now pushing for an administrative separation under chapter 14-12a for minor infractions. I have already been...
  8. A

    Issue with NARSUM upon reaching VA

    Hi quick question for my husband here - while at the VA Appt's and going over his chronic diagnosis the physician found that his PCM included carpal tunnel instead of cubital tunnel on his NARSUM (same thing just different sides of the hand). Since this was one of the MEB-able conditions how...
  9. Y

    Tricare Benefits if 100% TDRL rating is reduced to lower PDRL rating

    I currently am rated 100% by the VA and 100% for TDRL, but I fear that my lack of treatment compliance with regular doctor visits in the last two years will almost certainly reduce my PDRL rating substantially, if they even deem me worthy of PDRL status at all. Accordingly, I have three...
  10. C

    Scope of the PDBR board

    Before applying, please note what the PDBR is looking for and what their scope is! (Located in detail at the bottom). This will help in your formulation of a claim and getting the most favorable outcome. The board is limited in what it can look at. You MUST request that "not unfitting"...
  11. P

    2015 Results Posted, Well Some Anyway

    I just wanted to start a new thread on this topic. http://boards.law.af.mil/AF_PDBR_CY2015.htm Mine isn't there, but it is interesting to read similar findings. I was given a 0% for hip pain, among other things, but someone else was upgraded from 0% to 10%. I do advise against making too...
  12. catherinemedboard

    How much longer does it take to get PEB findings back?

    Hello and good morning to everyone! This has been a crazy journey. I just saw my proposed ratings from the VA yesterday. I was wondering, because now it has to be sent back to the PEB and then sent back to the PEBLO so I can sign, how long has this taken any of you who have been through this...
  13. B

    VA ratings says complete on IDES dashboard?

    I have seen and heard that you can contact the VA and see what ratings you got? My Peblo keeps telling me there is no update "for the last 2 months" but it says the VA ratings was complete 7 days ago. Can I see what ratings I got?
  14. H

    Scoliosis question

    Hello all, I was awarded 10% disability for various back issues lumped together, one of which is scoliosis. This seems to be based on my range of motion and pain. But when I looked at my VA letter, it says that this is one of the requirements of a 20% rating: "Muscle spasm or guarding severe...
  15. H

    Advice needed! Disability percentage question

    Hello all I haven't met with my PEBLO yet for my official ratings, but the MSC was able to give me an overview of what my rating is. Its currently 90%. The kicker is, my referred condition, the reason I got boarded, was rated at 0%. My questions are: Will this mean that my rating will be 0%DOD...
  16. Y


    Could someone answer my questions and recommend my best coars of action? Situation: Marine Rating just downgraded: Prior to the board: TDRL 70%//VA 70% BIPOLAR DISORDER MIXED MODERATE TO SEVERE After 18 months I was told that there was no need for a physical evaluation because "they found a...
  17. M

    Help: Upcoming TDRL Re-evaluation Board

    Hello, I have a question regarding the TDRL re-evaluation board. How long do they usually take from the moment you are notified to the moment you receive your new rating? Also what is the chance that I'll lose my rating and health insurance? Last September, I was placed on TDRL then...
  18. B

    new MEB, could use some help/tips

    All my major problems started about 9 months ago. After some hospitalizations and a lot of paperwork, I arrive at a WTU 3 months ago from Germany. I just received a P3 profile for newly diagnosed ulcerative colitis. I am have been seeing BH and my therapist(clinical social worker) diagnosed me...
  19. T

    Bilateral IT band surgery, Arthritis, Hip Pain. Help!

    Okay, so this is my first post but I am currently in the MEB/IDES program. I have already had my C&P exams and my entire MEB package is up at AFPC/VA. I have had bilateral IT band syndrome for 4 1/2 years as well as surgery on each leg which failed. I limp everywhere and I have constant, chronic...
  20. S

    Adding a new claim after VA decision- packet in the mail

    I got a proposed rating of 80% last wednesday and they said they sent me something in the mail. I got an envelope today and it was an option to file for bi-lateral shin splints as well because they said I qualified for it but never had it claimed. I have to fill out the claim paperwork and send...
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